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Climate change and the threat of dwindling natural resources are factors that compel us to rethink how we procure, formulate, protect and maintain buildings and infrastructure.

We know that there is an inevitable rising demand for housing, transport, power, hospitals, and other significant infrastructure. Of course, for us in the coatings industry, this is good news. But, we also know that to be successful in fulfilling the development of such scale, safety and sustainability should be assured.

Conventional building activities are carbon-intensive, and the construction environment is the biggest source of worldwide carbon emissions. Collectively, the build sector consumes about a third Earth’s natural resources, creating huge amounts of pollution and waste in the process.

The challenge we are facing is definitely enormous – it is so big that not one single organization can provide an isolated solution. To this end, Omega Industries is with industry and academic partners in an attempt at developing more sustainable products and smarter processes, as well as to deliver energy-efficient structures. Additionally, we aim to stay focused on our initiative to help reduce carbon emission and to eliminate waste.

Innovation for Change

At Omega, we implement the 3R Program approach, which has the potential to vitally decrease negative effects in leftover wastes, while maximizing utilization efficiency. We reinforce this approach with our in-house Technical Department, which is a NATA Accredited Laboratory, run by qualified Phds, process engineers and chemical engineers who allow us to effectively to incorporate methods to our commercial painting projects. These methods have an “end game plan” to all our materials either recycle, reuse or recover paints.

Carbon Emission Reduction

As a build organization, we have dedicated ourselves to ensure that we will be able to cut our carbon footprint up to 60% by the year 2020. By the year 2050, we should be able to achieve our target of 90% carbon footprint reduction. We have been taking the initiative to take active steps in gaining our targets and thus, we work with government regulators and independent environmental organizations. We also put more investments in the fuel-efficient fleet and made improvements to our processes and systems.

For the first time, in 2011, our business was accredited by DNV-GL with an ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System. Our systems are consistently improving with new ideas and tweaking old ones to ensure we are a positive presence to our land.

Waste Elimination

It is one of our main objectives to eliminate waste at the source by ensuring efficient planning, procurement, chemical engineering, and manufacturing methodologies. Due to that objective, we are making sure that we are going to meet our stretched target of cutting up to 100% of our paint waste by the year 2016.

In projects where waste arises, we strictly implement firm management protocols like mandatory recycling allocation. Our APAS approved manufacturing facilities in conjunction with technical expertise empower us to bring wastes to our site and reuse, recycle and recover paints.

Responsible Sourcing

Because we believe in responsible sourcing we built a policy that mandates choosing products with the least environmental impact. Such policy also includes the use of reusable and/or non-hazardous materials whenever applicable.

Our organization’s Explore Manufacturing business got the “good” status for passing the responsible sourcing standard. In order to qualify for such status, an organization should be able to present detailed proof of how their environmental, social, health, safety, and other ethical aspects are being managed.

We aim to be able to get the “Very Good” status next year and we are going to focus on making sure that we can extend this accreditation to cover our manufactured products.

Biodiversity Protection

It is a part of our commitment to protect and, whenever necessary, enhance the natural environment wherein our sites and offices are located. This is strictly mandated through our organization’s policy of biodiversity and environment management system. It is also underlined and emphasized in our objective to eradicate all possibilities of Category 1 environmental incidents. On our new projects, we ensure the delivery of environmental launches to make sure that all responsibilities are understood.


It is our organization’s assurance that we follow and comply with the highest standards of environmental compliance and management. All Omega Industries businesses operate to ISO14001-accredited environmental management systems.

Strengthening the Systems

At Omega Industries, we modified our ISO 14001- certified environmental management system. The changes were necessary because we intend to guarantee that our sites are going to be as waste and as energy efficient as possible. The new system offers improved guidance that helps the projects to be sustainably easy to set up and dismantle.

Environment Policy

Our company is also committed to providing protection and improvement for the environment. One of our ongoing priorities is to implement the best environmental performance, and it is achievable by our actions based on our environmental policy. Aside from this policy, we also have the Sustainability policy integrated into our policy framework.

It is our objective to lessen our operations’ negative impacts and to maximize our build environment’s quality for future generations. We employ innovations and good practice application to effectively drive the industry to make designs that are sustainable and with the least possible environmental impact.

Our organizational goal is going to be realized by:

  • Continued enhancement of the environmental performance of our products, services, and activities by following our objectives, programmes, and targets.
  • Compliance with the pertinent legislation and requirements, and by evaluating this compliance on a regular basis.
  • Proactive lessening of our environmental impacts, which include leading in the decrease of direct and embodied CO2 emission, and in providing low carbon/energy efficient assets for our clients.
  • Enhancing resource efficiency through the reduction of natural resources use, as well as reducing waste and deflecting waste from the landfills.
  • Water consumption reduction and enhancement of water efficiency.
  • Minimizing discharges or emission to the environment.
  • Proactive protection, preservation, and improvement of wildlife and their natural habitat.
  • Motivating worker comprehension regarding environmental sustainability by stimulation of cultural change and presentation of precise directions.
  • Encouraging our supply chain to improve their responsible sourcing activities and environmental performance.
  • Maintenance of our ISO 14001:2004 registration for the principal businesses and securing the registration of our services and products businesses.
  • Strict management of our environmental agenda, supported by monitoring and reporting of the progress against our environmental objectives and targets.

We ensure annual review and updating of our policies to meet our client’s requirements and to successfully evolve and advance with the world around us and to make Omega Industries the organization of the first choice for our shareholders, while we attempt to challenge and change the global construction industry image.