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Whatever the task, we can help you achieve that amazing, at-home DIY transformation you’ve been dreaming of. For many, renovations can seem like a pipe dream due to time and budget constraints.

Rustblock was developed with the DIY-er in mind, so you can restore any metal surfaces you have to look brand spanking new!


So what is Rustblock?


Rustblock is your go-to brand when it comes to treating, protecting, restoring and decorating metal surfaces. We have a comprehensive range of prep, primer and topcoat products for all your metal needs. We stock all the products you’ll need for restoring, maintaining, protecting or decorating metal surfaces around the home such as fences, gutters, doors, windows, gates and furniture.


The prep products clean and treat rust whilst preparing the surface for priming. The primer products are specially formulated for adhesion and to deliver a resilient rust inhibiting barrier based on the metal type. Our finishing products add further rust protection and a smooth, long lasting colour finish in one easy step. Thousands of colour options are available, you can start exploring our colour charts here.


What is the process?


Prepare | Prime | Finish




Depending on what surface you have, you’ll need to ensure it’s properly prepared for your new paint. Our prep products allow you to effectively clean and treat rust and prepare the surface for priming without having to pay a hefty bill. We can walk you through the process. For fresh, unpainted surfaces, you’ll need to wash it to remove all oil, grease, dirt, and any other contaminants. For surfaces with surface rust or oxidation, you’ll need to remove this with a brush or other surface-specific tool, and most likely apply Rust Converter to rusted areas.


Preparation Products:

Rustblock Cold Gal


Zinc-rich, cold galvanizing primer for long-term, extra heavy-duty corrosion protection. This product encapsulates the metal in a zinc film, which is ideal for use on clean, rust-free steel in very corrosive environments such as coastal regions.

cold gal paint primer

Rustblock Rust Converter


Rustblock Rust Converter converts rust to stop corrosion and provides a suitable surface for subsequent priming and painting. Rustblock Rust Converter interacts with metal iron oxides, converting them into an adherent black layer that is more resistant to moisture and provide a surface for various top coatings such as latex paints and enamels. Using a Rustblock Rust Converter, you are adding a double layer of protection against future rusting before you even topcoat.

Rustblock Fish Oil


Omega Rustblock Fish Oil is a deodorized, transparent, anti-rust protective coating designed to prevent the corrosion of all metal substrates. Rustblock Fish Oil has the capability to penetrate and protect inaccessible rust prone areas such as joints, cracks, side panels, sills and other metal areas and prevents further rusting. Rustblock Fish Oil forms a protective coating on metal and steel surfaces and penetrates rust scale to remove moisture and prevent further corrosion.

Omega Industries Fish Oil



Priming is arguably the most important part of the process. We have high performance, heavy duty anti-corrosive primers. They form a tough and flexible coating in order to resist corrosion in even the harshest environments. It is very easy to prime your own surfaces.


Priming Products:

Rustblock Etch Primer


Omega Rustblock Etch Primer is a single pack, quick drying, polyvinyl and zinc phosphate based etch primer for all bare metal surfaces. Rustblock Etch Primer has excellent adhesion to galvanised steel, brass, copper, aluminium, zincalume®, lead and steel surfaces. Can be top coated with various finishes. Rustblock Etch Primer can also be used for pre-treatment of steel surfaces after proper surface preparation.

etch primer rustblock

Rustblock Heavy Duty Primer


Omega Rustblock Heavy Duty Metal Primer is a high performance, anti-corrosive metal primer. Rustblock Heavy Duty Metal Primer forms a tough, flexible anti-corrosive coating to resist corrosion, even in the harshest of environments. Rustblock Heavy Duty Metal Primer provides outstanding rust protection and is an excellent base for Rustblock Epoxy Gloss Enamel and other quality Omega top coat finishes.

Rustblock Heavy Duty Primer



For unbeatable durability and maximum metal protection, choose either our Rustblock Epoxy Gloss Enamel or Rustblock Hammertone. We have an amazing variety of color blends so you can find that perfect match.


Finishing Products:

Rustblock Epoxy Glass Enamel


Omega Rustblock Epoxy Gloss Enamel is a high performance, anti-corrosive metal finish. Rustblock Epoxy Gloss Enamel forms a tough, durable, flexible anti-corrosive coating to resist corrosion, even in the harshest of environments. Rustblock Epoxy Gloss Enamel provides outstanding rust protection to all metal and steel surfaces.

epoxy gloss enamel

Rustblock Hammertone


Omega Rustblock Hammertone is a decorative coating resembling hammered sheet metal. Camouflages imperfect surfaces and hides unsightly dents, scratches and joints. Rustblock Hammertone is a quick drying finish. When sprayed produces a uniform and attractive hammer pattern with good slip resistance. Rustblock Hammertone offers.

rustblock hammertone

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