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  • Omega Auto Ace Cavity Rust Inhibitor 400G
    OMEGA Rust Inhibitor is a heavy duty wax coating for rust and corrosion prevention. It dries to a flexible, non sticky, water repellent film. Designed for use on concealed internal surfaces of cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, 4 wheel drive and off road vehicles, tractors and farm machinery, equipment and tools. It will inhibit the formation of rust inside inrternal box sections, chassis, door cavities, sills, side panels and pillars.
  • Omega Auto Ace Fish Oil 1lt
    Omega Fish Oil is a deoderised, long lasting, rust inhibiting coating suitable for automotive, marine, household and industrial applications. Fish Oil Compound penetrates through rust and inhibits further corrosion. Intended as a sole coating and does Nt require a topcoat. Primarily used to inhibit corrosion on surfaces that are already rusted. Often used where preparation for Nrmal anticorrosive paint systems is impractical. Particularly useful in enclosed areas that are difficult to access. Penetrates seams and crevices. Ideal inside automotive panels such as front guards and quarter panels, wheel arches, doors, sill panels. Suitable for trucks, trailers, tractors and machinery. Do not apply over existing external painted surfaces that can be repaired with standard refinishing techniques.