APCO Coatings is an ISO 9001-2015 quality accredited Australian owned and operated paint manufacturer. APCO Coatings operates from an APAS RMU and NATA accredited facility. APCO Coatings specialises in providing professional paint services and support to a myriad of clients in both domestic and commercial sectors throughout Australia since 1991. Our aim is to deliver top quality painting solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

APCO Coatings provide pre and post–project support and only use superior products to ensure our customers receive the best. APCO Coatings are so big on making a difference to people’s lives that we go beyond our customers and actively provide assistance to many Social, Environment and WHS causes. Our dedicated team of experts are happy to answer any questions you may have, so contact us today with your queries to find out how APCO Coatings can benefit you.


There’s nothing more unappealing than swimming in a pool that’s dirty or looks old. Putting some time and effort into pool painting not only increases the value of your property, but it also entices more family members and guests to take a dip into your pool. With a pool full of happy guests, you’ll be the ultimate party host with unforgettable events and memories.

Here at Apco Coatings, we offer our swimming pool paints to our customers throughout Australia. Each of our products, are safe, so there’s no added chemicals or harmful substances in your water. In no time, your pool can go from looking old and dirty, to one that’s come straight out of a catalogue. Our pool coatings are also durable, making it easier to clean and more difficult for dirt and bacteria to harbour in any cracks.

Make use of your swimming pool today by giving it a new look with our range of pool paints.



Auto Ace

Our Auto Ace range is designed to protect your vehicles surface for the long run in 4 easy steps.

Omega’s prepare line includes all products designed to prepare your vehicles surface by removing rust, paint and surface contaminants.

The Omega repair line is designed to provide specially formulated products to fill, seal and prime your vehicles surface to ensure a smooth, strong and highly adhesive finish.

The final collection contains a selection of premium coatings to ensure the ultimate long-lasting showroom finish for the professional or DIY enthusiasts.

The protect line is designed to protect your vehicle from existing rust progressing and further damaging the surface or creating a barrier before it ever starts.





Are you looking for industrial, protective metal coatings that you can rely on?

Rust Block is the product that you’ve been looking for to protect your metal fittings at your home or office. Whether it’s for a small project around the house or a complex, larger scale industrial job, Rust Block has you covered.


Omega Paints

Omega Paints’ range of protective coatings, including primer and epoxy paint, provides your home, business or factory with the long term durability that it needs.

We also provide protective coatings for timber from rot to termites. This does not only maintain the appearance of a building, but prevent any damage to the structure, which could put yours and others’ lives at risk.

For protective coatings around your home or work, look no further than Omega Paints. Developing and supplying professional paint products since 1987, we are the first choice for many Australians.

APCO brands


Road Marking Paints is the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality road and line marking products in Australia.

All Road Marking Paints products are manufactured at our AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 quality endorsed facility. We are credited with NATA and APAS certificates and conform to all 4801:2001 and AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 requirements including Environment Management and WHS Safety.

Our Road Marking product Range includes Fast Drying Durable 100% Acrylic Retro-Reflective Waterborne coatings and conventional Water/Solvent based paints to ensure you get a long lasting product that will stay brighter, longer. We also supply Thermoplastic Coatings, Reflective Glass Beads, Cold Applied Plastics and Preformed products.

Looking for other traffic safety products and coatings? Look no further than our extensive list of Primers, Sealers and Protective Coatings.

Whether you’re looking to pain Parking Area Lines, Tennis or Sporting Courts, Airport Line Marking or Grass Sports Lines, Road Marking Paints have the right product for every application


Over the years, Hydrotech Ink has become a trusted source of Australian made water-based screen printing inks for a wide variety of clients. We owe our high standards to them. At Hydrotech Ink we deal with customers with a passion for their craft – they may be professionals or students, industries or art houses. They pursue perfection and don’t settle for anything less. We show the same passion in the research and manufacture of our range of inks so that each of our products matches the stringent quality standards of our clients.

Our uncompromising approach shows in consistently high manufacturing standards and superior quality products right across our range – fabrics, textiles, posters and a lot more. Our range of inks goes through rigorous testing before entering the market, making sure you get the quality you expect from Hydrotech Ink. Our long-standing clients vouch for our competitive prices, timely delivery and efficient after sales service.