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Your Guide To Painting This Winter

Painting in the winter is a great idea if you are looking for a fun project to help brighten your home or add a little character to those most-loved spaces. It’s also a perfect time to start those DIY projects you’ve been holding off on for quite some time.


Now, is it possible to paint in the winter, or should I wait until it’s warmer? 


The answer is yes, winter is actually one of the best seasons for taking care of all your remodelling and repair needs. However, it’s best to start later in the morning to allow the surfaces to heat up before you start painting. As a starting point, we recommend starting your project from 10am until 3pm, allowing as much time as possible for your last coat of paint to dry before the sun sets.

Tip: you can calculate how much paint you will need for each project by clicking here.


So which painting jobs are best to tackle in the winter?


The first step for any successful home project is to map out exactly which project you want done, and what scale it’ll need to be. It’s good to have a mix of interior and exterior work, as even in winter, there are still some sunny days, along with a lot of wet ones, too. 

To test out how paint dries in your home, it’s best to start out with the smaller tasks like painting inside window sills, kitchen cupboards, refreshing trims, or even painting the ceiling. 

If you’re finding it hard to commit to an exterior colour, try painting your outside door a refreshing colour to add some fun to the home. You can browse our full range of exterior paint colours here. 

Plan a time-line for your bigger projects!


Whether you are planning an interior or exterior painting project, it’s best to have a rough time-line for when you want the work to be completed. This means, setting a desired start and end date for those bigger projects as well as leaving a little wiggle-room for potential exterior weather concerns. 

Most of all, be patient but don’t push your painting too late in the day to avoid weather concerns.

Keep track of the weather!


While exterior paint will normally dry much quicker due to the air, you won’t want to threaten your efforts by a sudden storm, humidity, or a below-freezing temperature. It’s best to keep an eye out for a sudden dip, or spike in temperature. 


Ventilation is key when painting interior spaces, if you have a fan heater, we suggest leaving it on for half an hour prior to painting. Aim for 18 to 22 degrees, just warm enough before you start. 

Tip: If your clothes are unable to dry on the line, or clotheshorse, then your paint won’t dry either. 


Unsure if your painting project can be completed with APCO during the winter months? We can assist you in choosing the perfect paint, as well as the perfect colour for your next painting project! Get in touch.

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