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5 Fun Family-Friendly Projects To Do This Summer Holiday

Getting your kids involved in summer projects is a great way to keep them occupied and learning new skills, while also creating wonderful bonding moments that they will remember for years to come. Kids have so much energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm, and it is always good for them to channel that into projects that they will enjoy doing.

We have put together some of our favourite family-friendly paint projects to try out this summer holiday that you and your kids will love, with options for all ages. Give them a go!

Chalkboard Project

Creating chalkboards is a lovely project to complete with your kids, and your family can use them in so many ways afterwards – from letting loose with chalk drawings and practicing writing, to chore charts, reminders, and decore for special occasions.

Chalkboard paint can be used on a variety of surfaces in your home – it’s perfect for walls, doors, cupboards and more, or for a low-commitment option buy a large board from your local hardware store. This is a super simple family-friendly, yet fun summer project that will get the kids’ creativity flowing. Try it out!

Playroom Mural

Murals are a great way to bring some visual interest to kids’ rooms or playrooms, and they don’t have to be complex and scary. Choose a limited colour palette, get your kids involved in choosing the design and helping to paint, and stick to simple geometric shapes (either painted freehand or taped up), or buy a stencil from your local craft shop.

Having your kids help create their own space can be very rewarding to them. It’s a fun summer project to tackle together that they can be proud of!


Wrapping Paper

Getting your family involved in making cards and sustainable wrapping paper for Christmas is a great summer project. Simply purchase a roll of thick brown craft paper and use stamps dipped in paint to create patterns. You can buy stamps from your local craft shop, or go all-out and make them yourself from scratch. There are so many ways to make stamps, but our favourite is cutting out simple shapes from foam sheets and sticking them to wooden blocks to form an easy stamp for your child to handle.

This is a great project to entertain your kids and also bring some Christmas cheer to all their family and friends when they unwrap presents.

Teen Room Refresh

Being a teen is tough, there is a lot of change as you transition away from childhood and try to figure who you are and what you enjoy. A wonderfully simple project that will help them through this new stage of life is giving their room a refresh so that their space reflects their blossoming maturity. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint and new bedding can do to shift a room that was for a child, to one that that is for a teen.

Shop our range of muted paint colours for one that is perfect for newfound teen sophistication, and get them involved with preparing and painting their walls. Discover our colours here.

Treehouse or Playhouse

Whether it is a playhouse, treehouse, or shed, kids love to have their own private spaces to play in. Help them make those spaces their own and teach them practical skills at the same time by adding a lick of paint to the walls.

Let them choose from amongst a few colours that you think would work well, talk them through the ordering process, and then show them how to prepare and paint their space. Make sure to put down loads of drop cloths!

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