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3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Make At Home With Leftover Paint

Are you a little unsure what to make or give this upcoming Valentine’s day? Do you have some leftover APCO paint? 

We are all major fans of DIY here at APCO and that obviously translates into the presents we give as well! We’ve listed some ideas below from our team on what you can do with some leftover paint. 

Try these out at home and let us know how they go by tagging us at apcopaint on Instagram.


Build a home. 

This is definitely one to get the kids involved and get their creative juices flowing. Just follow these steps and you’ll be creating a mini-DIYer for your next projects:

→ Grab some leftover cardboard (and plenty of drop cloths to protect the floor).

→ Cut out a little house with a window and door or their favourite animal.⁠

→ Grab the leftover APCO paint and work with them on creating their Valentine’s Day gift for their school friend, mum, dad, grandma or their favourite stuffed toy. ⁠

Create a space together.

Have you recently moved in with your partner? Why not grab some paint this Valentine’s day and make that newly occupied space with your partner, your own. 

We recommend painting  a feature wall together or give an old coffee table a new lease on life and finally make that space a little bit of both of you.

Paint Gifts Ideas

Custom wrapping.

Do you have some gifts to wrap or do you want custom wrapping for a bunch of flowers? 

It’s super easy to make, just follow these steps:

→ Grab some tissue paper or wrapping paper.

→ Take a potato and cut it in half. Carve out the shapes and objects you want to use as a stamp.

→ Use a paper towel to absorb some of the moisture from the potato and then dip it into your leftover APCO paint.

→ Stamp away on your tissue paper or wrapping paper. Let it dry properly before wrapping anything. 

→ Ta-da! Custom wrapping paper for your gift.


Share your projects by tagging us at apcopaint on Instagram.

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