At Omega, our teams are equipped with the highest-quality techniques and equipment, and as such produce outstanding results. Part of this involves using only the highest quality materials available and staying up to date with any significant changes in the industry. We are able to provide our services to either residential or commercial customers. Whether you are a household requiring a small plastering job, or you need gyprock plasterboard installation done for your entire commercial estate, we are able to provide you with professional plastering services.

What is plastering?

Plastering is a common constructional process that is most commonly used for decorating and protecting walls. The plastering process typically involves mixing a powder into water to form a pasty substance, that can then be applied to surfaces as a coating and filler. Plaster walls are preferential to drywall as they are slightly more fire-resistant and easier to repair if damage occurs.

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Benefits of plastering

Plaster is extremely durable, even when compared against drywall. The enhanced durability of plaster also makes it much more fire-resistant than other coatings and solvents. Plaster is also an environmentally friendly material. We don’t use harmful chemicals, making plaster much safer than alternative coatings and paint options.

Enhanced durability
Fire resistant
Environmentally friendly

Our plastering services

  • Fire-rated and soundproof gyprock installation
  • Ceiling installations, including panel and flush
  • Plasterboard installation
  • Plasterboard patch repair projects
  • Water damage repair
  • Decorative panel installation and finishing
  • Australian standard fire rating and sound proofing

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