Protect Your Space

Corrosion protection is a critical step in maintaining your commercial space.

  • Anti-corrosion coatings with lengthen the lifespan of metal components, preventing unnecessary replacements due to rust.
  • Major corrosion can negatively impact the structural integrity of a building or space, which in turn leads to safety concerns.
  • Rusted or corroded components take time and money to replace. Applying a protective coating is a shrewd investment for your property.
  • Over the years, corrosion-resistant coating technology has evolved significantly, and Omega Industries uses the latest anti-corrosion materials to tackle any surface in any environment.

Benefits of Our Protective Coating Services

Our coating services:

  • Offer protection from the specific elements in your location
  • Include tested and innovative coating products
  • Offer specialized protection from fire, rust, and UV rays
  • Include inspectors accredited by the NACE
  • Provide expert reports and recommendations for your specific corrosion level

Why Omega Industries?

Omega is Australia’s leading provider of coating solutions. With an innovative approach, we combine specialized coating products with expert application techniques. The outcome is a high-quality result and long-lasting protection. Our resources, from both manufacturing and application divisions, are at your disposal for unmatched technical and practical knowledge in corrosion protection. We harbour significant experience in high-quality anti-corrosion painting and coating for both the private and public sector.

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