Why Use Our Industrial Flooring System Service?

The Epoxy & Polyurethane Floor Coatings we offer are hard wearing, slip resistant, resin based products that are functional, easy to clean, and maintain. Industrial Epoxy & Polyurethane Flooring Systems are vital for protecting surfaces from the corrosive effects of the environment and heavy traffic areas. Epoxy flooring is versatile and is an ideal choice for a wide range of commercial spaces. Industrial epoxy flooring applications are mandatory across many industries for protection against everyday situations, including forklifts, foot traffic, chemicals, oil, and solvents. Each floor can be customized to meet the needs of your business and achieve the look you desire.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Customizable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Stain resistant
  • Economical

What Do Our Industrial Flooring Services Include?


  • Epoxy, polyester, and polyaspartic flooring (polyaspartic floor coating & polyaspartic paint)
  • Polyurethane flooring- (Polyurethane floor coating, polyurethane floor finish, polyurethane clear coating, and polyurethane wood finish)
  • MMA flooring (methyl methacrylate for commercial and industrial floor coating)
  • Non-slip flooring treatments (slip-resistant flooring or anti slip floor treatment)
  • Electro static conductive flooring (higher level of protection than anti-static matting)
  • Dust sealers & surface hardeners
  • Concrete polishing
  • Industrial flooring paint
Omega Industries

Why Omega Industries?

At Omega Industries we are a paint corporation that, over the years, have perfected the delivery of high-quality epoxy floor finishes. Our epoxy flooring specialists undergo continuous training to stay up to date on industry innovation and to maintain our market-leading reputation. Our continued investment, in both our equipment and the training of our staff, allows us to provide the highest-performing, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective epoxy floor covering solutions.

Our passion is creating customized products to align with your vision, allowing us to maintain our customer-centric focus. We are Australia’s only firm to offer a full warranty on both products and workmanship.

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