Our line removal options

  • Blacking out lines: This is the simplest and quickest way to remove lines. We carefully apply a durable black paint or coating to “erase” lines that are no longer needed on your surface.
  • Blasting away lines: This popular technique uses either a wet or dry method depending on your surface.  We use careful abrasion to blast away unwanted lines.
  • Grinding off lines:  We utilise hard metal cutters rotating at high speed to grind the parking surface to remove the old paint. This allows us the flexibility to adjust our technique to achieve high levels of precision.

Benefits of line removal

Traffic flow: Hard, visible park lines are key to effective parking. By removing unnecessary or ineffective car park lines, you are improving the flow of traffic. The clearer that drivers can see their lanes, even when stationary, the better and safer the road environment is for everyone. Clear line marking directs traffic to designated parking areas, walkways, loading zones and fire escape routes, which are all important for employee and customer safety.

Visual appeal: The car park is the first thing your customers and visitors will see, and can set the tone for their visit to your business. A freshly painted parking area will ensure a positive first impression of your business.

Complying with laws: Properly implemented line-marking ensures that your car park complies with rules and regulations, eliminating the risk of legal action against you or your business.

Why choose Omega for your next project

Our experienced staff are equipped with the latest line-marking technology and we only use the highest quality materials. Whether it’s a short or lengthy project, we undertake each with care and expertise to ensure you receive results that exceed your expectations. Our complete line of traffic management services allow you to create a safe and orderly space for your business. Our car park line removal team will have your lot perfectly prepped for new markings.

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