The Issue

In 2011, Ash Shetty after many years of experience in the family paint manufacturing business opened a paint services division known as “Supply & Apply”. The purpose of this division was to provide a solution to multiple pain points still prevalent in the commercial painting industry.

  • Warranty Disputes (The Blame Game) 
    • Disputes between the manufacturer & applicator for a failure.
  • Increased Costs (Many Middle-Men)
    • Multiple layers of distributors, consultants & subcontractors create more communication hoops and costs.
  • One-Size Fits All 
    • The inability for contractors to customise solutions with a manufacturer to resolve a site-specific condition.
Omega Industries' History

To where we are today

In 2011, we continued to expand and grow and rebranded ourselves to be known exclusively as Omega Industries.  Since then we have become well known across several continents around the globe.  There are distribution centres and offices all around the continent. The Shetty family is not just about results; they are about being economical and environmentally responsible in this field.

Today, having solely used and developed the name and trademark Omega Industries and all its variants in Australia is now a commercially recognized coatings business. With the Head Office in Riverstone, NSW the company manufactures and markets a range of decorative and industrial paint products and application services under various product brands.

Omega Industries' History

Omega has become a multinational leader in the coatings industry with operations spanning across several continents and a workforce of 250 employees. Omega through strategic acquisition over two decades operate successful business units in paint manufacturing, contracting services, R&D services, global sourcing, property investments and various other segments.

The Shetty Family are currently active participants in Omega Industries’ growth and direction with a key focus on social responsibility and philanthropy.

Omega Industries