Paint project program

Are you planning for a project on a major scale? Sometimes, financial constraints can hinder your ability to complete the entirety of the project at once. With this program, break down your payments so that they stretch the cost across the entire duration of the project.


Flexible pay as you go program

This flexible program allows you to adjust it to the needs of your business. After an initial a down payment, spread the rest of the payments throughout the life of the project. This program is a great way to split costs, as it can be planned so that payments are spread across two or more fiscal periods. It’s also a convenient way to divide costs between several contributing funding sources.

Multiple project program

This program streamlines the financial obligation of multiple locations or several projects. Planning multiple projects while dividing payments over the life of the program simplifies the process and makes managing the financials much easier.

Safeguard program

The safeguard program is one of your most valuable tools as a business owner. Together, we will develop a yearly plan to maintain your physical assets. We will assess your property and help you determine the best course and projects to keep them in peak condition.

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