Benefits of rope access

Rope access services allow you to gain access to a wide variety of locations, regardless of the location and height. Our skilled technicians are experienced in the safest practices and the least invasive methods when setting up and tearing down the apparatus. Compared to more traditional access methods, such as the use of scaffolding, rope access is cost-effective, quick, and fairly non-evasive. It is perfect for high density, urban environments where limited space is available and public safety is a significant risk factor.

Accessing high locations
Performing work projects
Rope access safety practices
Rope access equipment

Why use rope access?

The most common reason that rope access is used is to approach elevated locations that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Our rope access services are ideal for:

  • Window cleaning
  • Commercial painting
  • High rise maintenance and inspection
  • Pressure washing
Omega Industries

Safety and efficiency

We use best practice techniques to ensure that our safety measures are exemplary, and our staff participate in regular training to maintain these standards. There are very strict guidelines that should be followed to safely offer rope access services.

Omega is trained in the rigorous safety standards set forth by The International Rope Trade Association. These safety measures eliminate the risk of hazards (both human and environmental) and create a safe commercial project environment.

Some alternative commercial methods to access high locations are inefficient and can be dangerous. With rope access, set up is quick and efficient. This makes it a cost-effective and non-intrusive method for access. Rope access has a much lower spacial impact than, for example, scaffolding, which makes it ideal for a larger number of spaces.

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