How Do Intumescent Coatings Work?

The key feature of intumescent coatings is that they expand significantly when exposed to high temperatures, such as those found in a fire. Some intumescent products can expand to more than 100-times the original thickness. As the product expands it becomes much less dense, which makes it act as in insulator that keeps the high temperatures away from structural members or protected openings.

At ambient temperatures, intumescent fire protective coatings look similar to ordinary paint finish. During the soaring temperatures of a fire, you can see what sets them apart from a simple paint job. Omega is an industry-leading paint company that provides intumescent coatings to industry standards for fire protection.

Benefits Of Intumescent Coatings


  • Greater protection from fire and corrosion
  • Can be applied to multiple surface types like internal and external steel
  • Quicker application and curing times to prevent operational delays
  • Durable, long-lasting, and simple to repair
  • Can be applied both on and off-site
  • High performance and low-VOC
  • Covered by full Australian Standard Certification
  • Weather-resistant once dry and curable in extreme temperatures

Why Choose Omega For Your Next Project?

Not only do we use the highest quality products and tools, but our application methods use the latest techniques and technologies. You can use intumescent coatings for many different surface types, and we can provide you with a high-quality and consistent outcome no matter what surface you require your coating applied to.

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