Goodman Property Services

Commercial Painting

Omega Projects has been an accredited partner of Goodman Property Services for almost a decade. A project of this scale was certainly large, but well within our capabilities. We thoroughly inspected the site and presented a comprehensive proposal based on a detailed scope of works.

Goodman Property Services

Due to ongoing site operations and active tenants, our work commenced after 4.00 pm on weekdays to accommodate our client’s needs, and our team scheduled our crews on weekends to eliminate any disruptions.

We used a combination of EWP and certified rope access technicians to reach difficult reach areas whilst maintaining strict safety standards coupled with quality workmanship. We used high pressure cleaners to thoroughly clean the warehouse including all facades, awnings and roller doors prior to any paint application.

Goodman Property

During the paint process, our team utilised a comprehensive Dulux system – including sealant, primers and finish coats. The end result was a flexible and weather/UV resistant finish unique to Goodman corporate colour scheme and specifications.

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