At Omega Industries, we manufacture coatings under confidential agreements for a large portfolio of clientele throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Our APAS approved manufacturing site is purpose built to produce 100 tonnes per shift of over 1250 coating elements. Ranging from Acrylic Ceiling Flats to Heavy Industrial 2K Coatings, we are fully equipped to meet the niche requirements of our varied client base.

Let’s discuss your concept and bring your vision to fruition. We offer a tailored packages that cover the process, start to finish, including the sourcing of raw materials, blending process, quality control, packaging and logistics.

We have confidently developed a strong reputation in the industry and as such are able to keep our costs competitive whilst overseeing the entire manufacturing process.

paint toll manufacturing

The benefits of paint toll manufacturing services

We allow our clients to prioritize and utilize their core strengths, without having to delve into the sometimes arduous process of overseeing manufacturing, warehousing and operations. Our smooth, professional process takes the inconvenience out creating finished goods and facilitates results.

Below are some of the key reasons why key brands have entered into toll manufacturing agreements with us.

Custom formula development and production
Access to existing time tested formulas
Greater buying power with raw material suppliers
No large capital investment into machinery and facilities required
Per unit prices with flexible terms
In-house label designers and GHS label compliance team
Warehousing and logistics of inventory is handled efficiently
Our technical department develop necessary product & safety data sheets
paint toll manufacturing

Custom formula development

Are you in need of custom paint formulas? Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your desired formula is realized and executed to your requirements. We can help you develop the ideal formula for your specific project and its parameters.

Access to existing formulas

We have a broad range of existing formulas in our clientele library. If you see an existing formula that works for you, we can formulate and distribute it according to your requirements. These existing formulas can be distributed in flexible batch sizes, depending on how much you require for your project.

Flexible batch sizes

You can order varying amounts of your desired formula. The flexible batch sizes are designed for existing formulas as well as new custom formulas. Request the specific amount you need and we will work with you to facilitate the order in a timely manner.

paint toll manufacturing

Fair pricing

Our established presence in the market allows us to offer very competitive price points. Alongside a commitment to quality, we take pride in offering the highest quality product.

Exporting services

Our service is efficient and reliable. With regulatory expertise and leading export knowledge, we ensure that the correct product makes it to each customer, efficiently and to order expectation.

Quality standards

Years of industry experience have equipped us with the knowledge and expertise to uphold the highest quality standards. Contact us to discuss how we can help your company grow with our toll coating manufacturing capabilities.

paint toll manufacturing

Have a similar project? Let’s talk!

If you are looking for paint toll manufacturing/private labelling services, then we would love to talk. Call us today for a confidential meeting to discuss your project.