Custom Coatings

Reverse Engineering & Specification Alternatives
Specific Drying & Curing times
Adhesion Requirements
Safety & Environmental Requirements
Corporate Colour Matching
Function-Based Requirements ( Eg. UV, chemical resistance etc)
Site Specific Solutions (E.g High humidity, salt content etc)
Custom Paint Solutions

Why Custom Formulate?

Generally paint manufacturers provide a “one size fits all” solution for any given project regardless of the variables. Every project and job is unique with different constraints, therefore more often we found customers confused why repeating the same coatings solution doesn’t always provides the same result.

We have the capability to create a project specific solutions in order to minimise failure risks and increase overall efficiency.

Planning & Engineering

Our department will work with your team to scope constraints and desired features to meet goals within any coatings scope. From measuring key variables such as humidity, UV exposure, functional use, air content, chemical exposures etc, our team of experts will effectively report  exposures that may result in defective coatings accompanied with custom formulated solutions.


Custom Paint Solutions

Flexible Order Quantities

You can order varying quantities of your custom painting solution. It is always important to ensure that you acquire the appropriate quantity for your specific purpose. Our custom service options will allow you to select your desired order quantity, as we understand needs are different.

Product Consistency

Once we create a formulation for a project, we have developed systems within our database to ensure product consistency on future project phases or if ad-hoc ongoing maintenance is required throughout a particular project. Rest assured, your product can be made again and again for many years to come.

Custom Paint Solutions

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