Product List

Dearomitised Fluids
Aliphatic & Aromatic Solvents
Surface Coating & Epoxy Resins
Blended Chemicals
Glycols & Glycols Ethers/Acetates
Alcohols & Ketones
Base & Specialty Oils
Plasticisers & Paint Additives
Chemical Distribution

Supplier Partnerships

We leverage our supplier partnerships to offer innovative solutions when sourcing chemical raw materials through our multinational presence. Our markets include specialty materials for architectural, industrial, marine, automotive and ink applications.

Practical Expertise

We are vertically integrated with technical capabilities beyond other raw material suppliers. We understand not only the parameters in sourcing raw materials, but also the implications of process manufacturing when blending such materials.

Chemical Distribution

Import & Exports

We are able to work with our global shipping partners to expand sourcing reach. Our services are an end-to-end service where our team will coordinate shipping, customs clearances and supply chain logistics. Reduce time and risk when working with our well equipped distribution team.

Various Packaging Needs

We are happy to distribute our inventory in whatever way fits your specific requirements. We are well versed with safety and GHS compliance when transporting various chemicals, minimising your risk exposures.

Chemical Distribution

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