Paint Toll Manufacturing

We have developed a seamless approach to paint toll manufacturing/private labelling services. Our core services involve customising paint formulas to meet specific market demand. We offer end-to-end custom paint solutions from our purpose built manufacturing facilities.

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Omega Industries

Paint Laboratory Services

Our in-depth laboratory services specifically offer a wide range services from research & development to product analysis testing. Our advanced equipment can test attributes like corrosion, exposure, durability, reliability and efficiency of a coating system. Omega’s technical capabilities include PhD. chemical engineers operating advanced NATA accredited laboratories.

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Omega Industries

Custom Paint Solutions

Our custom paint solutions enable clients to specify and customise a coating system for a specific project opposed to a “one size fits all” approach.

Every project is unique to its atmospheric conditions, functional use, application timing, constraints etc. Therefore, a customised approach in developing formulas to suit the environment will create an increase in efficiency, product longevity and reduced application costs.

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Omega Industries

Paint Chemical Distribution

Our chemical distribution services are involve the supply of raw materials, fluids, resins and solvents throughout a broad range of chemical manufacturing industries. Through our established networks and partnerships we provide competitive pricing, secure supply lines with unparalleled technical expertise in sourcing chemical raw materials.

We offer a myriad of distribution options with specific packaging requirements. We package and distribute raw materials throughout the Asia Pacific region.

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Chemical Distribution