A department lead by expert paint chemical engineers, our comprehensive laboratory services provide clients with independent, accurate analysis of a coating systems accompanied with technical reporting analysis.

Our team analyses the performance of a coating in order to fine tune existing formulas to suit a project or provide expert reports for litigation evidences or act as a third party expert opinion on paint conformance using sophisticated instrumentation including a scanning electron microscope (SEM/EDS), ion chromatograph (IC), high pressure liquid chromatograph (HPLC), gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC-MS), Fourier transform infrared (IR) spectrometer, optical digital 3-D microscopes with microphotography capabilities, and differential scanning calorimeter.

Types of Laboratory Services

Forensic paint and coating investigations
Long term performance analysis and testing
Research and development
Advanced technological resources
Failure testing and resolution
Corrosion and weathering analysis
Paint Laboratory Services

Paint Coating Investigations

We provide a full analysis report to assist with reviewing a failure and pin point variables of why a coating defect occurs on a surface. This enables reviewing coating system effectiveness, training applicators or provide scientific expert reports in order to resolve disputes.

Paint Colour Matching

Our colour matchers use advanced lab systems to ensure a 99.5% colour matching accuracy across a range of products to ensure brand consistency across multiple product applications. We develop a batch card library with a history of orders to ensure over several batches colour and gloss levels remain the same.

Paint Laboratory Services

Research and Development

Our R&D capabilities are a the forefront of paint innovation. Ranging from reducing raw material costs to nanotechnology in paint, we develop and create new products to better suit the current environment. Our team undergo extensive market research, raw material sourcing, formulation development and application testing to ensure successful results.

Reverse Engineering

Through our expertise, networks and systems we can review a coating for a specific use and effectively create a unique product to compete in the same market space. We use compositional analysis techniques to ensure the application systems do not require majors adjustments when swapping out existing coatings.

Paint Laboratory Services

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