Step 1 I Prepare

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  • Cold Gal
    Omega Rustblock Cold Gal is a zinc-rich, cold galvanising primer for long-term, extra heavy duty corrosion protection. Designed to prevent corrosion through galvanic protection by forming a protective barrier, encapsulates the metal in a zinc film. Ideal for use on clean, rust free steel in highly corrosive environments such as coastal regions. For use on all structural steelwork. Self-sacrificing the Omega Rustblock Cold Gal will react on ferrous metals to replace damaged surfaces and provide a protective barrier. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.  
  • Fish Oil
    Omega Rustblock Fish Oil is a deodorised transparent anti rust protective coating designed to prevent the corrosion of all metal substrates. Rustblock Fish Oil has the capability to penetrate and protect inaccessible rust prone areas such as joints, cracks, side panels, sills and other metal areas and prevents further rusting. Rustblock Fish Oil forms a protective coating on metal and steel surfaces and penetrates rust scale to remove moisture and prevent further corrosion.
  • Rust Converter
    Rustblock Rust Converter converts rust to stop corrosion and provides a suitable surface for subsequent priming and painting. Rustblock Rust Converter interacts with metal iron oxides, converting them into an adherent black layer that is more resistant to moisture and provide a surface for various top coatings such as latex paints and enamels. Rustblock Rust Converter chemically treats the rust, converting it into an inert compound. Using a Rustblock Rust Converter, you are adding a double layer of protection against future rusting before you even topcoat.