Paint Your Chair

How To Paint Your Table And Chairs

This spring, consider giving your outdoor furniture a new look with a bit of paint. Perhaps you’ve had your table and chairs for a few years and fancy something new, but don’t want to splash lots of cash. We’re here to show you how to paint your table and chairs to give them a fresh start!

Got wobbly legs? Need to replace your old table and chairs on a budget? Head to your local thrift store to look for some wooden furniture, and we’ll show you how to give them a new lease of life with our designer curated paint!

  1. Clear your space

Whether you are working in a garden or on a deck, be sure to move any pieces of furniture that may be in the way so you have space to move around your table and chairs during the paint process. Also, be sure to consider the weather and plan ahead, you don’t want to be caught in a downpour, and paint may dry too fast in the summer heat.

paint table and chairs

2. Lay drop cloths!

You definitely don’t want paint all over your nice wooden deck, or looking very strange on your grass! Plus, a canvas drop cloth will absorb paint so you’re less likely to tread it anywhere. Be prepared for your paint job by covering the floor and other surfaces with a canvas drop cloth. In our case, we used both plastic and canvas to ensure no paint seeped through onto the deck. 


3. Prepare your table and chairs for painting.

Give your table and chairs a sand down so there are no splinters or rogue pieces of wood that might catch your brush bristles. Once you have a nice smooth surface to work with, apply primer all over your table and chairs to give your new colour a great foundation!

4. Get painting!

Open your paint tins and make sure you give them a stir. Then, using small brushes, apply all over your table and chairs in whatever design you like! Be sure to have fun with it. We recommend two coats of our Trim Paint so that your furniture will hold its colour even with the knocks and bumps of daily garden life.

Paint Your Chair

5. Enjoy the finished product!

Want more colour in your garden space? Check out our blog, How To Use Paint To Brighten Up Your Garden Space for more inspiration. Shop our Exterior and Trim paint collections here, and get inspired for your next exterior paint project.

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