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How To Use Paint To Brighten Up Your Garden Space

So, you’re in the market to spruce up your yard or garden space. You’re in luck, as here at APCO we have over 40 designer curated colours to add some pop to your outdoor oasis. This is the perfect time to think about prepping your garden for the upcoming spring! The most obvious (non-paint related) way to add color to your existing garden is to simply plant more flowers! However, this can be costly, hard work, and soul-destroying if they end up dying. So, let us walk you through the risk-free options, as we have plenty of other ways to add a splash of color to your garden.

Paint pots!

This is a perfect family activity. Have a surplus of boring terracotta plant pots? Take the paint brush to them in whatever palette suits your garden! If you are going for the same colours for all, 1L will be enough to paint many paint pots. You can also do this inside, so when spring rolls around, you’ve got a beautiful array of pots ready.

PLant pots

Paint your fence.

Ready to breathe some life into your old, peeling fence? Choose from one of our Trim colours to find what best suits your outdoor aesthetic. Painting your fence can offset and and all of the lovely colours in your space, whilst bringing a whole new look and feel to the area. 

Paint a garden wall arch on your exterior wall. 

The wall arch trend is taking the painting world by storm for a reason. This simple paint treatment instantly adds a sense of architecture to any wall, with no actual remodeling work needed. The use of contrasting color creates the illusion of depth, turning a blank wall into a striking accent feature. Experiment with a wall arch in your garden to add more colour and life to your space!

Wall arch

Painting planter boxes. 

This one is super easy. Wooden planters take a beating out in the elements, so if your planters are looking a little worse for the wear (or just look a little dull), give them a new lift with a paint job. DIY planter boxes are a cheap and easy way to grow vegetables or flowers at home, and are usually made of cheap plywood or offcuts. This makes them accessible for everyone and super easy to paint!

Shop our exterior and trim paint collections here, and get inspired for your next exterior paint project. 

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