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5 Projects To Do This Winter

You spend a lot more time in the house in the winter than you do in the summer. So why not use it to tick off some jobs from your DIY checklists? Winter is a great time to get things done around the house (especially if we are in and out of lockdown). Cooler temperatures keep you cosy inside, but you can still put that time to good use. Here are our favourite DIY projects to do this winter. 

Project 1: Contrast your trim!

You know how to paint your trim, but what about making it an accent colour? This is a super cost effective way to make a statement without the larger expense of wallpaper or painting an entire wall. Pair your trim with a flashy rug or statement plant for a super modern look.

5 projects winter

Project 2: Create some exposed shelving

If your pantry features exposed shelves, paint them tin a bold colour for a bit of pop in a room! If you don’t have exposed shelves, consider creating some out of whatever unit you have to give your space a whole different look and feel. This trick is perfect for spaces that don’t allow for much creative expression due to a lack of free wall or floor space.

5 winter projects
5 winter projects

Project 3: Patch up the wear and tear. 

Whoever occupies your house; clumsy kids, inexperienced furniture movers, or furry friends, someone at some point has likely carelessly swung open a door and knocked a hole in the wall. Use your free time to patch your drywall, sand it down and give it a fresh paint. When spring rolls around, you’ll feel like you’re in a brand new home. The same goes for flaky or peeling caulking. If your bathroom is looking a little worse for wear, take the time to cut out the old caulk with a utility knife and replace it with a fresh filler for that new-bathroom look and feel.

5 winter projects

Project 4: Bring in your exterior accessories. 

Plant pots, wooden garden beds, anything that you have kept outside can be brought in for a clean up, brush down and a new paint job. Bring some life into your garden using some of our APCO exterior or trim paint. Check out our blog, How To Use Paint To Brighten Up Your Garden Space for more outdoor inspo!

5 projects winter

Project 5: Paint anything and everything!

Ready to make a change in your room, without the expense and hassle of sourcing and installing all-new everything? A new coat of paint on your cabinets, drawers, or bookshelves, when done well, can completely change the look of your home – on a minimal budget. Do you have a wooden staircase? Give that old platform an artistic makeover. A lick of paint (or even wood staining) is the perfect way to revamp your outdated or traditional stairs.

5 projects winter

Let’s get started. Shop our designer-curated paint selection here to find the perfect colour for your winter projects. 

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