the best neutrals for your home

The Best Neutral Paint Colours For Your Home

Whether you love clean, bright whites or deep, dark grays, a neutral wall paint color provides the perfect backdrop for creative accents and pallets. Neutrals are a fantastic choice as they tend to pair well with all colours, and can work in any living space due to their soft and subdued nature. Browse our endlessly versatile neutrals to help decide which colour you want for your next paint project. From soft and subdued to rich and sophisticated, these are the best neutral paint colors for your home.

The best neutrals for your home

Rainy Afternoons – a medium-light shade of cyan-blue, with magenta undertones. It creates a quiet, sophisticated atmosphere, adding a touch of modern to your space. 

Alpine Views – Alpine Views is an extremely light, yet muted cyan blue. It creates a subtle, gentle atmosphere that is uplifting and calm. A soft, cool, barely there neutral with a slightly blue undertone. Light, airy, and calming – an excellent antidote to a long day. This is the colour that your diffuser makes you feel. 

Beach House – Beach House is a gentle white colour with soft yellow undertones. This colour takes you to your grandparents’ beach hut, playing barefoot in the sand as you waited patiently for a popsicle. A perfect compliment to white or blue furnishings, Beach House will bring you a subtle yet meaningful warmth to your house.

The best neutrals for your home

Desert at Dusk – a rich grey with golden yellow undertones. It creates a warm, earthy atmosphere that is calm and classic with a hint of slate. 

Coastal Walks – Coastal Walks is a dirty pink colour with a strong beige hue. It creates a wonderful calm and grounded atmosphere. With its subtle red undertones, it brings a rosey blush to your space that isn’t overpowering. Think early-season cherry blossom, with a muted, tan finish. 

The best neutrals for your home

Natural – Natural is an off-white colour with a soft buttery yellow undertone. It creates a neutral and classic atmosphere that is soothing and uplifting. With its creamy undertones, this inviting shade gives your space both warmth and luminosity. Perfect to keep a neutral colour palette, or to offset by experimenting with bolder colours. 

Soft Nude – Soft Nude is a very soft orange colour. It creates a calm, warm, and soothing atmosphere. This is the colour of your favourite face cream, sophisticated, welcoming and so much more.

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The best neutrals for your home

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