A Few Tips on Painting Your Bedroom Wall

It’s not always “what do you want your space to look like”, but rather “how do you want your room to feel?”. If you love colour but don’t know how to incorporate it, we’re here to help you figure out how to step out of the DULL zone. One of the best places to incorporate some vibrant hues? Your bedroom! The sanctuary of your home, your bedroom should be the space you love to spend time in the most. So, if getting stuck into some DIY painting is on your to-do list, here are some tips on painting your space and refreshing your bedroom decor.


Time to contemplate

Getting to grips with exactly what you want the vibe of your room to be is the first step to painting your bedroom! Calm, cozy, invigorating… the list goes on. You might love the colour teal, but would four walls of teal be a bit too much? Do you want calming or energising colours in your room? Perhaps you want a more neutral wall colour, with brighter furniture and accessories to add just the right amount of pop to offset your walls? 

Beyond the walls

Adding colour isn’t limited to your walls; you can also incorporate it through your accessories. Picture frames, furniture and trim are all fantastic ways to add colour that won’t compete with the walls. Visit your local vintage store to hunt for stunning accent pieces that stand out in the colour you love, or a plain cabinet that could use a paint job. One option is to experiment with a feature wall (don’t worry, you can test the water with our samples!), reinvigorate your room. 


Stay in the same colour palette

Do you have a favourite colour? Whilst an entire room in the same colour might be a bit too much, working with different shades of the same colour is an easy way to decorate and give your room a whole new look and feel. So, if you update your walls with a softer colour, such as pastel pink, you can tone up the rest of the room with some brighter pinks – such as on your comforter or lampshade. Adding different pops of your chosen colour throughout your room helps to unify the space.

Find your perfect match

Maybe you want to create a sanctuary-like space to wind down, or to start the day in the right mindset. If yes, take a look at Beach House or Alpine Views. Both of these hues are perfect if you need some extra help relaxing at the end of a long day. If you have a passion for pastels, you could go for a dusty lilac (Wildflower is a favourite), a muted blush (Gentle Moments is a treat) or even Harbour Chill for the perfect modern bluish-gray.

For more dramatic tones, Hibiscus is the perfect hue for a feature wall, or even off-set with black for the ultimate in gothic, romantic elegance. For those with a penchant for beautiful, fresh, spring colouring, Morning Light is the perfect bright-yet-subtle yellow. 

Ready to roll? Yeah you are! Get started today and find the perfect APCO colour for you here.

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