APCO summer colours

3 Colours That Have Inspired Us This Summer 

An endless summer: isn’t that everyone’s dream? Summer never feels long enough. Whilst we can’t control the changing of seasons outside, with a little inspiration you can fill your home with summer vibes all year long. Here are our favourite tones to relive the long, hot summer days all year round. 

You don’t need to be an interior designer to experiment with paint colour in your home—you just need to follow along with our helpful guides. As we spend more time in our homes, it’s more important now than ever before to feel the right emotions at comfortable in our interior spaces. A whole space can be energised by painting the living room wall a vibrant colour, or toned down with the right calming hue. Depending on what energy you want in your room, we can help you craft the ultimate summer oasis all year round. 

What paint colours say fresh air, summer scents and sunny afternoons? These vibrant hues and soothing shades are our favourites for reliving the warm-weather months. Whether you want to give your home a quick seasonal update, or you want to channel summertime all year long, these summer colours will do the trick. And it doesn’t have to end at your walls, if your floors have gotten a lot of wear and tear, why not paint them for a fresh new look?

APCO summer colours


Outback Sunset

This is a wonderful ochre yellow shade that seems to hold an almost luminous quality to it – a quality that is heightened and emphasised by the sunlight. A nonthreatening, zesty hue with the ability to brighten and rejuvenate. Punchy oranges and desert-y hues like gold and clay work together to let the sunlight stream into your home.

outback sunset

Pink Clay

 It’s just pink enough without being too much, much like the perfect crisp glass of rosé. A lovely balance of a warm, neutral tan and sophisticated pink, creating a glow in a space that recedes when needed but adds an aura of prettiness and warmth when lit directly.

Pink Clay images

Coastal Walks

With muted undertones of silvery grey, this soft blush tint will instantly create an understated and sophisticated vibe. This is a beautifully balanced colour with a hint of lavender, which keeps it from being too cool. It reminds us of a misty grey-blue hour that sits on the ocean, just before sunrise, and is a refreshing and energetic hue.

Coastal Walk

Be sure to check out our full range colour palettes to find the perfect summer hue for you. Now that you’ve found your new paint colour, it’s time to update your space. Ready to roll? Let’s explore your options.

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