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Concrete Sealing & Garage Painting

When it comes to adding an instant shot of curb appeal to your home, many people overlook the value of having their driveways or garage floors sealed with a professional and durable concrete sealer. Applying a fresh coat of our garage paint to the exterior or interior of your garage will also add a new look to this part of your home.

Omega Industries has been excelling at supplying the community with top-notch concrete sealer, garage paint, and finishes since 1987. We have built a reputation for excellence, and we pride ourselves on being the first choice for many landscapers, painters, and sole traders.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete is porous, and this means that it will quickly allow moisture to sink in. This moisture will lead to the damage and deterioration of your concrete driveways, walk ways, or floors. Our concrete sealers will form a moisture barrier between your concrete and the elements, and this will help add years on to the life of your driveway, walk way, or floor. The sealer will also act as a stain repellent that will allow you to remove things like oil and chemicals from your concrete quickly and easily.

Garage Painting

At Omega Industries, we offer some of the most durable and affordable garage paint for both the interior and exterior of your garage. Our exterior paint is waterproof, and it won’t fade due to constant exposure to the elements like traditional paint. You can also use it on a wide variety of surfaces and textures without any problems.

We offer our services to both the residential and the commercial sector, so if you’re thinking about sealing your concrete or painting your garage, think Omega Industries. Our talented and professional staff will get the job done in a timely manner. Contact us today at 1300 372 468 to set up an appointment to get the driveway and garage you’ve been dreaming about!