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Our Educational Painting Division is experienced and highly trained to exceed expectations set by decision makers for schools, universities, day care centers, TAFE and other related organizations.

Our approach through early scope design involvement, technical expertise and integrated delivery ensures we are able to complete complex projects to exacting time, cost and quality standards, safely and sustainably.

Across key educational organisations we scope, procure, manage, paint and maintain offices, classrooms, car parks, grounds, and facilities.

Knowing the Difference

We provide technical information, coatings, project management, and maintenance services for the educational market covering schools, colleges, universities, sporting fields, TAFE and other related organisations throughout NSW and QLD.

Many educational firms – such as private schools or universities – attract intense public scrutiny. Principals and key decision makers need to know they are working with a partner who will protect their reputation through flawless service delivery too often immovable deadlines. We understand the multiple functions these facilities have to serve and we apply our in-depth knowledge to minimize disruption, enforce child security measures and customize services to suit specific needs.

We have serviced some of Australia’s most respectable organisations, such as St Aloysius’ College in Milson’s Point, St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney and the University of Sydney.

Social Infrastructure

We are a leading supplier of painting and line marking services to both public and private school organisations.

Our presence in the education sector is particularly strong. We understand the need for early collaboration with all stakeholders to balance the interests between creating an inspiring learning environment, while maximising the capital investment.

Servicing the Educational sector is amongst the most complex and time critical in service delivery. As one of Australia’s leading providers of paint maintenance service to state-of-the-art schools and universities that meet the innovative needs of the education industry, Omega Industries advanced coatings techniques and expertise in systems integration assure projects are custom designed for exceptional standards of quality and workmanship.

Our leading Paint Manufacturing capabilities enable immediate responsiveness and greater standardisation of core components – essential to meeting the demands of schools striving to deliver a grand image for infrastructure faster, better, for less, while ensuring the durability and consistency of such heavily utilised facilities over their lifetime.

We are increasingly recognised as the preferred delivery partner for the public and private education sectors, with a proven capacity to meet the exacting quality and security specifications (Working with Children Checks) demanded by schools and similar organisations. Our portfolio ranges from public schools and TAFE NSW to day care centres, private schools and university projects. Our track record to date demonstrates our capabilities to manage commercial painting services of fully operational and secure facilities, optimising innovative solutions to overcome complicated challenges.

Sector facts

Omega Industries have a strict employment process for staff working on school grounds. Less than 14% of applicants meet our rigid criteria to work in our Educational Painting Division.

A dedicated project manager and estimator customise paint programs and budgetary plans for the Education sector. This is the best way we ensure economic solutions that uphold a premium brand image for our clients.

Omega Industries effectively leverage the technical resources available from our manufacturing plant and execute the psychology of colour in projects, opposed to simply painting a wall.

The effects of colour on learning are well documented and it is important that when choosing a colour for a classroom, you keep in mind the powerful effects these decisions can have on young learners.

Our studies have shown that light blues and purples have a calming effect on learners and are a good choice in classrooms where the tension frequently runs high. If you work with students that have emotional and behavioural challenges, light blue classroom walls will form the foundation for the tranquil space that will help them learn.

Warm tones like taupe and peach provide a relaxing atmosphere that allows learners to focus on their studies rather than be distracted by their environment. These choices also provide a welcome measure of diversity to the frequently monochromatic paint schemes that grace the walls of our places of learning. These colours have also been shown to stimulate creativity and provide students with a welcomed boost as they go about their daily work.