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Omega Industries is heavily investing in training, development and education campaigns for our people. We are nationally supporting 122 employees on professional, academic and trades programmes.

It is a fact that there are not that many young people who are enticed to work in the paint industry. If this thread is not reversed, our sector’s growth, along with the wider economy, is going to be negatively affected.

In the meantime, our increasingly advanced manufacturing and contractor delivery operations will make more demands and will require more efforts from our employees. To make sure that we can provide the requirements, we put importance in attracting and retaining the best of our workforce by offering them with rewarding careers and genuine development opportunities.

Enticing the Young

To fill in the skills gaps, Omega is working with TAFE, universities, and schools to motivate more young people to choose careers in the coatings industry. By integrating vocational guidance and learning experiences, our project teams are designed to assist students in making informed and important career choices by providing them with exciting new insights into the many benefits that the industry can offer.

Additionally, we highly invest in world-class education. This initiative is not just implemented so that we can develop our own talent, but also to help widen the chance of building and enhancing skills in the industry so that we can sustainably and profitably meet all future challenges.

Motivating Diversity

Many people still consider the engineering and construction industry as a predominantly male territory. But we need to address this imbalance if we are to resolve the skills gap. Thus, it is our goal to work harder in encouraging diversity in every way – or we have to take the risk of restricting our choices when it comes to human resources.

Recently, we started to monitor ethnic diversity through employee profiling system. A part of the objective is tracking gender ratios across the sector, putting specific focus on high-potential talent agendas.

Engaging our People

Omega’s employee engagement score is essentially an evaluation of our people’s satisfaction in their jobs. We regard this as a major indicator of how we can effectively retain talent. Annually, we are tracking this figure by using an employee survey. Once again, in 2015, we were able to achieve an unprecedented outcome – a score of 96.4% against the 57% global average.