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Our Responsible Approach

At Omega Industries, we believe in doing fair business; one that is transparent, safe and sustainable as well. Responsible practice is essential and these are the fundamentals, without which there is no chance for the industry to build trust and good faith with everyone we work with.

We have a full understanding that we need to be responsible to be sustainable. That is why we put importance on taking our responsibilities seriously, especially when it comes to health and safety. Nothing is more important than the well-being of everyone involved in or affected by our operations.

Our target is to eliminate all future accidents. And though this may be a little too ambitious, we have full confidence that it is achievable as we are committed to putting the safety and health of our people on top of our priorities.

Of course, we also know that we have responsibilities beyond that. We also need to assure that our sustainability campaigns are delivered and we understand that we have a role – expected of us – to play in dealing with social, environmental and economic challenges.

The pace in the change in the modern society is something we have not seen before – or since in industrial revolt. The world’s population is increasing fast and major demographic shifts are also changing global dynamics. Additionally, factors like mass migration from rural to urban areas, rising middle class population in developing countries and aging western population, are all making never-before-seen demands on water, food, energy, infrastructure, housing, and the environment.

Aside from the need to aim for commercial sustainability, businesses must also respond effectively to a new economic structure where being competitive is an advantage and is determined by environmental and social dividends in their activities.

We know that the success of our business is dependent on how we manage the interlinked issues. But, we need to be honest that if we are to achieve our goals, we need to acknowledge the scale of what we have to work for. Thus, we focus on our commitment to find the right solutions and be ready to acknowledge that we do not know all the answers.

Structuring our Activities

We have categorized our sustainability objective into four sections: health and safety, our people, the environment and the marketplace. We call our Australian branch’s sustainability activities as the organization’s EPIC agenda. We set clear targets and we ensure that we put the best efforts in focusing on adequately addressing our activities so that we can make the most positive impact and lessen negative consequences.

Organisational Priorities

  • Health and Safety – This objective is designed to provide protection on everyone’s health and safety and we aim to be totally accident free by 2020.
  • People – The goal here is to entice, develop and keep our talented pool of people. We ensure that we have a healthy environment so that we can keep on inspiring everyone to give their best.
  • Environment – It is our goal to effectively minimize our operation’s negative impact on the environment and to maximize the build environment’s quality.
  • Marketplace – In order to be competitive, we deliver the utmost value to our shareholders – suppliers, clients, communities and the entire industry.

Sustainability Policy

To be sustainable is to maximize economic, social and environmental performance. This should be done with the objective of putting the interest of the business, the stakeholder and the Earth on top of our priorities.

Omega Industries put greater importance on making sure that our sustainability policy is working well alongside our other policies on Health and Safety, Human Resources, Environment and Customer Service.

We intend to remain an enduring engineering business and thus we implement a strategy that creates sustainable growth by meeting the social, environmental and economic challenges of this changing world.

As an integral component of fulfilling our business vision, sustainability is going to be pursued. Our expectations are:

  • To be injury and accident free
  • To create long term and exceptional sustainable result for our clients
  • To have zero lost working activities
  • To work on the highest standards of social, environmental and social aspects
  • To lead in low-carbon emission performance
  • To stimulate a culture of diversity, education, and inclusion
  • To develop our most valued assets – our people
  • To enrich and improve the communities where we operate
  • To ensure zero environmental accidents
  • And to engage our partners and supply chain to promote our policy

We annually review and update our policies to meet client need and to successfully evolve with the fast changing world. We intend to be our stakeholders’ first choice, while we also aim to challenge and change the global image of the construction industry.