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Health and Safety

At Omega, we base our approach to health and safety on the idea of individual empowerment and personal commitment. It is our belief that every person deserves the right to return home every day safe as they also have the responsibility to take care of themselves and the people around them.

The paint industry is getting safer. Though injuries and fatalities still occur as they are somehow totally unavoidable of what we do in this business. Omega Industries aim to ensure that our Focus Zero agenda will be able to completely eliminate work hazards and accidents on site.

Focus Zero is the organization’s campaign to eradicate possible accidents in all our future operations. It may be a tough objective and it is not an easily achievable feat, but it is a worthwhile goal to attempt to keep everyone safe and well. To help us achieve our target, we have several new initiatives and have improved on our existing ones.

Communication to Help in Cultural Change

It is our belief that communication is one of the most essential tools that can help our Focus Zero campaign be a success. It is vital that our people have a full understanding of our approach to health and safety – they should also feel empowered to take part in this initiative. For that, we also introduced the “one-to-one safety commitment interviews” for our new employees, as well as for our subcontractors. One of the main objectives of this activity is to stimulate a culture of care and mutual respect, which can be achieved with strengthened relationships throughout all levels of work orders – from the management to the staff.

Raising Awareness

Everyone has a part to play so that the work environment can be safe. An effective way to do it is by always being aware of the hazards and by having the capacity to take actions in addressing these risks. Thus, we actively motivate our people to assess their work environment regularly and to be vigilant in reporting any noticeable risk as soon as it arises.

Enhancement of Well-being

One major priority of the Focus Zero campaign is to prevent work-related illnesses. Though there is clear proof that employment has a positive outcome on personal well-being, poor health in the work environment can mean significant safety hazards.

In view of that, we have implemented several services that can improve our employees’ health. These services include annual medical check ups and subsidized gym memberships. We also enforce education campaigns designed to tackle lifestyle-related issues like high blood pressure and diabetes.