We’ve all watched a couple of episodes of The Block and seen our favourite DIY experts on Instagram to convince us that we can paint our entire house. Whilst it seems like a good idea to ‘do it yourself’, for a big project you’ll often save yourself time, money and stress by hiring professionals. 


Consider these things when deciding whether or not to hire a professional:

1. The quality of the work.

We’ve all painted a few walls here and there but if you are taking on a full interior / exterior project, you want to make sure it’s done properly so that it can look good and last a long time. A professional has done it countless times and will bring in the correct tools to do the job with perfection. 

2. The right tools to do the job.

You’ll need to factor in the additional tools that come above and beyond the paint bucket. This includes the paint brushes, rollers, drop sheet, sand paper etc. This can quickly add up and the ‘easy and cheap’ project has suddenly turned into a costly and painful process.

3. Filling in the gaps.

The fun part is actually painting the walls, not filling in the gaps and cracks in the wall. Professional painters often spend more time preparing the surface compared to DIYer’s. This is what will make the paint finish look better and last longer! 

4. Saves you time & money.

Painters know what they are doing and will come in, get the job done and leave without a mess. They often get a better rate on paint and tools so you’ll save on hard costs.

If it’s your first time and it’s a small project, give it a crack. If it’s your first time and you want to paint your entire house, we recommend getting professionals. 


If you are looking for a professional, request a quote below and save yourself the time & money. 

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