As we slowly start returning to the office, we need to ensure we can keep those germs away as much as possible. The last thing we want is to all go back to how it was a few months ago. 

In saying that, Australians generally practice good hygiene especially when it comes to flu season, however the global pandemic has changed it all. 

Here are 5 steps that we recommend to help stop the spread of germs in the office:

1. Encourage employees to work from home (if possible).

If you can have that meeting over zoom, communicate via slack and have that quick chat over the phone, then save your team the travel and potential risk of coming into the office by working from home. 

2. Communicate proper hygiene etiquette and have signs throughout your office.

This includes good respiratory hygiene, cleaning recommendations, social distancing, and regular temperature checks. There are plenty of resources online that you can print and have around the office. Some offices are even starting to adopt Eastern culture of greeting people such as bowing or pressing their hand against their chest, replacing hand shake.

3. Increase the availability of disinfecting wipes and virus-killing hand sanitisers, and be sure everyone knows how to use them properly.

4. Regularly sanitise and disinfect the office.

We offer antimicrobial cleaning that ensures your office is proactive against the spread of germs. This involves a monthly visit from our team of experts to conduct on-site fogging with hospital grade solutions that we manufacture ourselves. All of our products are Australian made.

5. Ensure Social Distancing is possible in the work environment.

Avoid tight spaces and ensure furniture allows for employees to social distance and stay 2m apart. Encourage employees to flag any potential symptoms and not come to the office. 

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