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  • Glass Beads Potters
    Glass beads for road marking are used to provide visibility of markings under night-time driving conditions. The small microspheres are usually surface applied to road marking materials allowing the bead to adhere into the surface. These beads reflect the headlights of vehicles to allow the driver to see the road markings during night-time conditions. While the focus is on night-time driving conditions, road authorities are also conscious of other properties glass bead which may be needed to provide in all conditions. Examples include driving on wet nights. In wet night driving conditions, the correct selection of glass bead is important in providing better visibility. This is typically where larger beads are used. Another good example of this is skid or slip resistance for transverse road marking or areas where there may be pedestrian traffic. Therefore, glass beads are also available in Antiskid mixtures where these other considerations may need to be considered.