Featured Employee for November


Carol Jackson

Company Position : Business Development Manager

What My job involves, 

building key customer relationships, identifying business opportunities, negotiating and closing mutually beneficial contracts. I also find new clients by networking, advertising and generating interest from various channels.

What I like best about working for Omega Industries...

My colleagues are always in an uplifting mood and the clients I work with are very supportive. I also like the fact that we are an Australian family owned company, the members are actively involved in day to day activities.

One thing I can’t live without.. That would have to be my wonderful family and friends.

What do you like to do outside of Omega Industries..

I enjoy decorating, shoe shopping, drinking champagne, having a flutter on the horses on the weekend and socialising with friends.

People would be surprised to know that… I love boxing.


Whats the 411 at Omega?

With less than a month away from Christmas, our team are well prepped to tackle projects and tasks during the shutdown period. We have been recruiting quality staff like we’re panning for gold to ensure all requirements are met without using holidays as an excuse.

Some key highlights for the month of November:-

  • Achieved the Highest Recorded Monthly Sales  (Seven times higher than our average)
  • Successfully manufactured 21,000 Litres of paint in one shift.
  • 0 workplace accidents and injuries

What’s been happening at Omega?

This, alongside our effective project management techniques, makes for a unique commercial service unparalleled by others.

Omega Industries recently completed four NSW courthouse repaints under a tight deadline of two months. These works were carried out at Tamworth, Walgett, Bourke & Grafton. The Omega team travel far and wide to always deliver great product and outstanding workmanship.

For our many significant works, Omega Industries have been nominated for three awards at the Master Painters Association which will be held on the 19th of September, 2015. Awards include; Commercial New Work Under $100,000, Commercial Repaint Over $100,000 and Heritage and Restoration (Commercial) Over $30,000. We as a company are honoured to be nominated for such great achievements.

There has recently been a global spotlight on refugees and asylum seekers. Regardless, of what side of the argument people are on, children shouldn’t feel outcasted and they also should not be involved in a political debate.

On the 31st of August, the Omega staff were involved in a team building exercise which involved toy building activities. The toys built were then donated to Fairfield Public School where many refugee children are enrolled. It was an enjoyable half-day exercise watching grown men struggle with building blocks! Video footage will soon be posted on our website and social media platforms.

General Manager’s Update

As Australia’s leading commercial painting company, we are constantly striving for success and greatness in all areas of our work here at Omega Industries. Due to our substantial growth, we have recently employed a Marketing & Communications expert, Fidan Rasimoglou. I would like to welcome Fidan to the Omega Industries team.

At Omega Industries, we have signed a number of projects and maintenance contracts throughout metro and regional areas of NSW. Our highly dedicated and skilled projects team completed all allocated projects from start to finish within the timeframe, budget and a zero LTI (Lost Time Injury).

Omega Industries have recently achieved the PCCP certification (Painting Contractors Certification Program). The certification requires the contracting company to have all their Safety, Quality & Project documentation in place. This certification is run and audited by the CSIRO.