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After almost 10 months of development and five years of internal debates, Omega Industries is excited to announce the launch of

Omega Industries has given PaintOnline the green light to go live last week, it has been a long road and major milestone.

The concept was on paper for roughly five years, thrown out a few times, somehow it wiggled back into management discussions.

Omega’s submission to distribute various products online for a door to door service will be a test of how well the DIY market will accept a change in the transaction of paint purchases. currently stocks all Apco Coatings and Omega Paints product lines with the exception of a few specialised products.

“Although the paint industry is one of the few markets that hasn’t been effected by the digital world, we plan on changing the game. Consumers nowadays go into a store, try on a shirt or shoes and then buy go home to buy it online for $40 less. So, why not the same with paint? ” said Ash Shetty (Managing Director).

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