Ken Littlefair

Ken, has been involved in the road and bridge construction and maintenance industry since 1981 and has been instrumental in the development of several new to Australia processes. He was Foundation President of the now Road Marking Industry, Association of Australia and until recently served as a key member of the RIAA’s representative on Standards Australia Committees.

Ken is one of those rare individuals who not only has an enormous knowledge base but is also generous with it. Whether it is bridges, pavements, line marking or some other engineering discipline; you would be hard pressed to find one Ken has not had experience with in his career. For may years, he worked in the construction and maintenance industry of Freyssinet organization. Ken provides professional, accurate, useful advice and it’s always on time. Further, Ken is not averse to spending large amounts of time in the field. Often working in difficult environments that another senior manager might delegate someone else to work in, rather than themselves. Time and again Ken proved himself a man of vast knowledge and deep integrity. He provides excellent services, is always flexible and represents value for money.