Ken Littlefair copy

Ken has been an Omega Industries strategic and technical consultant since 2014. He has been involved in the road and bridge construction and maintenance industry since 1981 and has been instrumental in the development of a number of new to Australia processes.

Ken’s experience and intimate knowledge of the requirements of the
road safety industry has seen him involved in the introduction of a number of specialty road safety products. This has included the introduction of profiled line marking, coloured surfacing (for example bus lanes) and cold applied anti-skid surfacing.

For many years Ken worked in the civil engineering construction and maintenance industry as part of the Freyssinet organisation. In particular he has been involved with the strengthening and upgrading of bridges in the ACT for higher loads. Ken has been involved with rectification and construction works to many bridges including Kings Ave, Commonwealth Ave, Lake Ginninderra Bridges, Cahill Expressway, Monash Motorway bridges and Brisbane Inner City Bypass bridges. In addition he has been involved with pavement rehabilitation on projects such as the M2, M4 and M5 Motorways in Sydney and the Pacific Highway at Ulmarra

Ken has also been involved in the preparation of maintenance costs for large projects such as the Gateway Motorway and Airport Link in Queensland as well as a detailed report on the expansion joints on the existing West Gate Freeway in Melbourne. He has also been involved with the rectification of various flood damaged bridges in Queensland seeking innovative and cost effective ways of restoring the structures to full use.

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Managing Director and founder of Omega Industries. Ash chairs the Group Executive Committee and is responsible for leading the strategic direction and operational management of the Group’s business activities.

Omega Industries in 2002, after consolidating the various family owned business operations under one single-source enterprise. The firm acquired the manufacturing arm of Apco Coatings in 2007 and with the acquisition of Omega Painting, in 2011, created today’s extended paint manufacturing and contracting group.

Ash has a passion for developing and promoting innovation and project delivery talent to meet national protective coatings challenges, and has a keen focus on safety performance. A student of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management MBA Program, Ash is also a graduate of Macquarie University.

Sanjeev Roy copy

Bradley joined Omega Industries in 2011 as a Business Development Manager. He was appointed Senior Project Manager with effect from April 2012. Bradley is responsible for leading the operational and performance management of the Group within the limits agreed by the Board, including the development and delivery of the Group’s strategy, budget, business plan and corporate policies.

Bradley holds over 30 years of experience in the coatings industry. His past experience in senior roles at Spotless (formerly Riley Shelley), PPG Australia and Dulux Australia brings Omega Industries, a wealth of expertise in product specifications, application procedures and policy development.

Ken Littlefair

Ken, has been involved in the road and bridge construction and maintenance industry since 1981 and has been instrumental in the development of several new to Australia processes. He was Foundation President of the now Road Marking Industry, Association of Australia and until recently served as a key member of the RIAA’s representative on Standards Australia Committees.

Ken is one of those rare individuals who not only has an enormous knowledge base but is also generous with it. Whether it is bridges, pavements, line marking or some other engineering discipline; you would be hard pressed to find one Ken has not had experience with in his career. For may years, he worked in the construction and maintenance industry of Freyssinet organization. Ken provides professional, accurate, useful advice and it’s always on time. Further, Ken is not averse to spending large amounts of time in the field. Often working in difficult environments that another senior manager might delegate someone else to work in, rather than themselves. Time and again Ken proved himself a man of vast knowledge and deep integrity. He provides excellent services, is always flexible and represents value for money.

Ash Shetty

Ash Shetty, joined the family business in year 2011. He started Omega Industries Pty Ltd by introducing the Contracting Division in year 2014. He was instrumental in vertically integrating both Manufacturing and Contracting businesses as a one stop shop for both Paint Supply and Application.

He brought in the concept of “Supply & Apply” and took an initiative in taking a lead role in venturing and collaborating with leading Property Developers, Councils and various Government Agencies.

Ash Shetty is responsible for leading a strategic direction and operational management of the group’s business activities by establishing the brand of “Omega” in the Australian market.
In 2016, Ash Shetty started Omega Industries Inc in Dallas, TX, USA. Omega acquired an established paint company and is successfully expanding its business horizon in the US market.

Kan Shetty

Kan Shetty acquired Omega International Coatings, a small industrial paint manufacturing company, in year 2000 and operated from a small warehouse at Chipping Norton.

Within two years, the company moved to its own purpose built factory at Mt Druitt. Mr. Shetty then acquired Hydrotech Ink, a screen printing ink company.

In 2007, Mr.Shetty took a major decision of acquiring Apco Coatings (a subsidiary of Asian Paints (India) Ltd), a decorative paint company. This acquisition ultimately enabled the company to get a foothold in the Australian Decorative commercial market in a big way particularly as a leading provider of road marking paints.

Kan Shetty’s vision and leadership is due to his belief that “believe in yourself and work hard towards your goal and success will follow.”