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Professional Development

It is our understanding that in order to expect the best performance from our people, we should be able to provide them with a clear sense of direction. Thus, we ensure that our workforce has all the capabilities required for the achievement of their aspirations and dreams. Omega Industries is investing heavily in development, training, and education.

Here, at Omega Industries, we offer a wide array of programmes that are designed to meet professional and trade-based skills requirements. This encompasses a committed online training portal that provides our employees with access to a diverse e-learning course.

We identify people who have the ability to easily and quickly get into leadership roles, and these are the ones with the option to choose from our structured full-time courses. We currently have more than 700 people on these programmes.

It is our belief though that progress or development is not just about training. At Omega Industries, we ensure that our human resource team benefits from highly structured career support. Our managers are expected to work well with their subordinate and to provide them with assistance for the achievement of their career goals.

A Clear Way Forward

A career toolkit set has been developed and it covers different job roles. These include detailed and clear information regarding the qualifications and experience necessary at each phase of the development. This provides everyone with a clear view and understanding of where they are, as well as what is required to be progressive. Against this, our people can generate structured personal and professional development plans, which will take slowly but surely towards their aspirations.

Support for your Growth

To absolutely get the most benefits out of your career, you have to really go the extra mile. But, you are not expected to do it on your own. We will be there with your all the way. We conduct performance reviews on a regular basis to ensure that our employees are getting the support they need to keep them on track.

These are two-way feedback meetings are important because they give you the chance to discuss your individual career goals with your manager. Working together, you should be able to set your objectives that will help you achieve your aspirations. These sessions are also employed for identification of the potential training that you may require.

In a recent in-house survey, we found out that employees would like for the line managers to be a little more supportive of their performances and progress. Our response to that request was to strengthen our evaluation process and to launch several new training programmes with a focus on mentoring, leadership, effective communication and career coaching.