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In our objective to deliver unparalleled paint products and services, as we are renowned for, Omega Industries is now seeking the brightest graduate to help us generate the next generation’s experts in paint manufacturing and commercial painting industry.

As an Omega Industries graduate, you can be assured that your capabilities are going to be recognized, appreciated and rewarded. Additionally, you are going to be motivated to continue learning all throughout your career. You are going to be challenged, supported and encouraged by a business that sees your professional improvement as a priority.

Our Programme Involves:

We have a graduate programme that combines technical learning, practical experience and professional improvement. Different on-the-job training experiences are going to be matched by engaging learning module series, which will surely help in building the right combination of professional and personals skills. This program is being Nationally offered; it lasts 24 months in Sydney HO and 6 months in the Brisbane Branch.

Our experienced leaders are going to monitor you and you can expect strong support from our line managers and accessible peer support network. It is our intention to work closely with you so that you get the ability to develop clear and attainable career goals while expecting you to have the courage to expand your skills. You can also expect us to provide assistance so that you can work effectively toward the right chartership.

Upon completion of our graduate programme, you are going to continue gaining benefits from our graduate development team’s on-going support. You can also expect benefits from our business contact network as you inch your way towards a more permanent role within the industry.

Who are Eligible to Benefit from the Programme

A combination of personal drive and dedication to hard work is the perfect component for success. Australian graduates are going to be sought from construction, science and related industry, plus their academic records are going to be assessed as important part of the selection process.

Two Main Ways to Enter the Programme

Application through our website is a way for the external applicants (those graduates who recently or students who are to going to complete their degrees) to enter our programme.

What Type of Degree is Required?

Those who completed courses in chemistry, process engineering, construction management and commercial services, are going to be awarded with positions in the organization.

Chemistry and Process Engineering: Omega Industries is seeking graduates of chemistry, nanotechnology, building services, manufacturing, and architecture.
Commercial management: For graduates to qualify, they need to complete a degree recognized by the right professional body.

Construction management: We are looking for successful applicants who graduated from a professional degree.

When is the Application?

Applications are now open in Sydney and will remain so until all positions are filled. The assessments are scheduled for November for those who were successfully chosen. We encourage early application if you want a chance to be a part of our graduate programme.

How to Apply?

Depending on the individual role, we submit applications by invitation or through Omega’s online recruitment portal.