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Skills and Education

At Omega Industries, we fully understand that we need to entice new talents in order for the industry to gain long term success. Thus, it is important to immediately take careful steps in encouraging enthusiasm among young people – while we also aim to raise our profession’s prestige.

Our industry is suffering from a global shortage of skills. This leaves the business struggling in its attempt to find a highly qualified workforce. Many organizations have already expressed concerns over this matter, but not enough are putting much effort into reversing the trend.

We believe that education is the answer. That is why, Omega works with universities, TAFE and schools in engaging the young people to make the right choices that will shape their future careers. With the combined force of vocational guidance and education, we aim to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future. We also entice them with the benefits that they can gain if they ever choose to work and grow in the build industry.

In the long run, we intend to support institutions in putting more time and place for coatings-related programs in order to promote higher interest in technology, science, mathematics and project management.

University Partnerships

As we put emphasis on the importance of education, we have been working in partnership with the University of Wollongong. We are proud to say our technical resources are donated for advancement in Nanotechnology research in paints. These courses are open for applicants from all over Australia and they seek to improve the skills of the innovators of the future. We challenge the candidates to rethink the existing practices.

In-House Development

Omega Industries is an organization that cares for its people. Thus, we are continuing with our in-house programs that were designed to help our workforce in building their skills so that we can all meet the future demands of the industry. We aim to be able to sustainably and profitably meet the challenges. We continuously strive to develop and train our staff, as they are our valued assets.

We have created special programs like the Cadet and Apprenticeship Plus that offer exciting and enticing career opportunities for our people. These schemes combine formal academic qualification and project-based experienced.

We provide these funded educational opportunities so that young people have enticing alternatives to a full-time college education. Additionally, we implement more advanced delivery methods, which will be significant in building a highly skilled and diverse workforce for the future.

We understand that strong leadership is important. This, we continuously work to build the skills of our organization’s senior executives, operational leaders, and key project delivery staff.