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Research and Development

As a progressive company, Omega Industries is in the best position to redefine the practices in the paint industry. Unlike other organisations, we have a diverse pool of resources that allows us to turn daring and game-changing ideas into reality. We have process engineering research that provides solutions that increases the performance of service delivery, sustainability, and safety.

We put importance on research and development activities because we aim to achieve a competitive edge by presenting the market with new ideas that deliver the utmost value to our clients and the end users.

We are able to strengthen our capability in this aspect by working together with our academic and industry partners. With the support of our strong network of chosen suppliers, we look for ways to implement industry-wide change. We try to accomplish this by sharing what we learn and by encouraging common excellence standards.

We are also committed to change from within, and thus we encourage our people to find ways of improving on everything that we do. Our innovation portal is an effective tool that lets us support this idea. This tool is accessible for employees to be used for submitting their ideas for consideration.

Our Paint Manufacturing business is also in the lead when it comes to the development of more sustainable and smarter products. This has the support of our wide-ranging coatings formulation capabilities, by which we work in enhancing the methods implemented for protecting and painting buildings and infrastructure.

Research Partnerships

Our large-scale network of educational partnerships is effectively devised to foster the industry’s next generation of talent and to support the continuing academic interest in chemical engineering and commercial painting.

Drawing on the newest research techniques, latest delivery models and freshest management approaches, the programmes aim to influence a revolutionary new technique to learning and preparing participants to go back to their professions as effective innovators and successful thought leaders.

At the University of Wollongong, we have the Centre for Nanotechnology Engineering that supports PhD studies in materials, automation and surface coatings engineering.