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Product and Process Innovation

Political and social needs are definitely changing and thus, engineering and paint industry needs to break away from traditional operation practices. There are also more demands from developers, the public sector and end-users for more sustainable, cost-efficient and safer solutions, They also want those solutions to be delivered faster and with only the highest quality.

At Omega Industries, we revolutionize the way we evolve cities and towns and we do that within demanding parameters. We do this as we are motivated by our investment in and the development of the “Supply & Apply” approach.

As a leader in the “Supply & Apply” concept, we drive this idea way beyond its initial iteration. We used to be a simple paint manufacturer and today, we deliver a wide array of paint service solutions made possible through our highly advanced manufacturing and contracting capabilities. We offer products that range from glow in the dark line marking paint, thermal membranes and paints to smart building and wall systems – everything is provided to a time, cost and detailing with which conventional construction practices cannot compete.

With the use of automated processes in the manufacturing of paints in highly controlled off-site environments, the S&A concept lets us precisely calculate the required materials, an avenue for wastage recycling and custom products. Thus, the most sustainable coatings and engineering solutions in the industry allows us to eradicate waste from the start; giving us the opportunity to return the would-be wastes into the production operations.

Our clients are already experiencing the benefits provided by S&A approach – on projects that range from hospitals to schools, luxury hotels in urban areas and mining infrastructure in remote locations. The high levels of performance of this approach restricts the requirements for future maintenance as improved thermal efficiency significantly decreases energy consumption and total life-cycle cost. These intrinsic advantages is going to take us even closer to our zero-carbon construction vision.

We believe in the possibility that we can move this approach way beyond the commercial painting sector, implementing modular methods to large-scale infrastructure programs.