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Our Approach

The change in the pace of the modern society is something unwitnessed since the industrial revolt. This change is seen as both a threat and an opportunity for the coatings industry. As the global population is continuing to rise exponentially, global dynamics are being transformed due to major demographic shifts.

Several factors are now making more demands on the supply of water, food, energy, infrastructure, housing, and the environment. These factors include; mass migration from rural to urban communities, middle class people choosing to reside in developing nations, and the aging population in western world.

As the natural resources are starting to decrease, our sector, just like the rest of the world, is consuming a lot. Though innovations have been established and employed, it still has no ability to keep up with the demands. Traditional painting procedures are inefficient and imprudent, and the construction industry is one of the biggest sources of worldwide carbon emissions.

It is our belief that it is time to discover a better way.

Clients are now looking for innovative ways of thinking, as they truly believe that basic standards are no longer sufficient in doing the job.

Businesses like ours have a pivotal role to play in creatively meeting the charge for efficiency and sustainability. That’s why, working with world-leading commercial and academic partners, we’re rethinking the way we design scopes, formulate, develop and service buildings and infrastructure.

Omega’s pioneering “Supply & Apply” concept, together with our continued investment in Research & Development, offers clients the industry’s most sustainable and efficient coatings solution.

By leading the way, we believe we can attract and nurture a diverse pool of talent – enabling us to remain at the vanguard of best practice long into the future.