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Colour Design

We pride our operations in setting colour standards and new trends rather than follow what we’re told. Therefore by default, our clients are at the forefront of new colour concepts and colour science.

Our marketing team is constantly on the move researching colour psychology and applying to them to give value added service to our clients based on functionality.

For example, we have enabled a deeper service to the Education sector we service for both private and public institutions in Sydney and Brisbane.

The effects of colour on learning are well documented and it is important that when choosing a colour for a classroom, you keep in mind the powerful effects these decisions can have on young learners.

Our studies have shown that light blues and purples have a calming effect on learners and are a good choice in classrooms where the tension frequently runs high. If you work with students that have emotional and behavioural challenges, light blue classroom walls will form the foundation for the tranquil space that will help them learn.

Warm tones like taupe and peach provide a relaxing atmosphere that allows learners to focus on their studies rather than be distracted by their environment. These choices also provide a welcome measure of diversity to the frequently monochromatic paint schemes that grace the walls of our places of learning. These colours have also been shown to stimulate creativity and provide students with a welcomed boost as they go about their daily work.

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