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3R Program

Omega Industries is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and therefore has reuse, recycling and recovery program in place. Not only the paint containers but also for any unused paint.

Omega estimate carefully all paint requirements for a given project. This not only reduces the cost of material, but also the amount of unused product retained at the completion of the painting.

On average, 5%-10% of all paint ends up as waste, which can pose environmental and health risks if disposed of improperly. Paint contains many components that have great potential for reuse, recycling, and recovery. The Omega Industries 3R program enables these products to be handled and recycled in an environmentally safe manner, reducing their impact on the environment.

There are many ways that paint can be recycled. Water based paint is sorted out and turned back into recycled paint that can be reused. Recycled paint is environmentally preferable to new paint, while still maintaining comparable quality. In many cases, reusable paint is added to a batch where the material is mixed and tested. The paint is adjusted with additives and colorants as necessary. Finally, the paint is finely filtered and packaged for reuse. Solvent based paint is sorted into different streams and sent to be recycled into new paint, often used in other products such as shop primers.

All containers, empty or otherwise, are retrieved from the site by Omega Industries and returned to our depot for reuse, recycling, and recovery program by our manufacturing company Omega Paints.