Our Approach

The change in the pace of the modern society is something unwitnessed since the industrial revolt. This change is seen as both a threat and an opportunity for the coatings industry. As the global population is continuing to rise exponentially, global dynamics are being transformed due to major demographic shifts.

Several factors are now making more demands on the supply of water, food, energy, infrastructure, housing, and the environment. These factors include; mass migration from rural to urban communities, middle class people choosing to reside in developing nations, and the aging population in western world.

As the natural resources are starting to decrease, our sector, just like the rest of the world, is consuming a lot. Though innovations have been established and employed, it still has no ability to keep up with the demands. Traditional painting procedures are inefficient and imprudent, and the construction industry is one of the biggest sources of worldwide carbon emissions.

It is our belief that it is time to discover a better way.

Clients are now looking for innovative ways of thinking, as they truly believe that basic standards are no longer sufficient in doing the job.

Businesses like ours have a pivotal role to play in creatively meeting the charge for efficiency and sustainability. That’s why, working with world-leading commercial and academic partners, we’re rethinking the way we design scopes, formulate, develop and service buildings and infrastructure.

Omega’s pioneering “Supply & Apply” concept, together with our continued investment in Research & Development, offers clients the industry’s most sustainable and efficient coatings solution.

By leading the way, we believe we can attract and nurture a diverse pool of talent – enabling us to remain at the vanguard of best practice long into the future.


Skills and Education

At Omega Industries, we fully understand that we need to entice new talents in order for the industry to gain long term success. Thus, it is important to immediately take careful steps in encouraging enthusiasm among young people – while we also aim to raise our profession’s prestige.

Our industry is suffering from a global shortage of skills. This leaves the business struggling in its attempt to find a highly qualified workforce. Many organizations have already expressed concerns over this matter, but not enough are putting much effort into reversing the trend.

We believe that education is the answer. That is why, Omega works with universities, TAFE and schools in engaging the young people to make the right choices that will shape their future careers. With the combined force of vocational guidance and education, we aim to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future. We also entice them with the benefits that they can gain if they ever choose to work and grow in the build industry.

In the long run, we intend to support institutions in putting more time and place for coatings-related programs in order to promote higher interest in technology, science, mathematics and project management.

University Partnerships

As we put emphasis on the importance of education, we have been working in partnership with the University of Wollongong. We are proud to say our technical resources are donated for advancement in Nanotechnology research in paints. These courses are open for applicants from all over Australia and they seek to improve the skills of the innovators of the future. We challenge the candidates to rethink the existing practices.

In-House Development

Omega Industries is an organization that cares for its people. Thus, we are continuing with our in-house programs that were designed to help our workforce in building their skills so that we can all meet the future demands of the industry. We aim to be able to sustainably and profitably meet the challenges. We continuously strive to develop and train our staff, as they are our valued assets.

We have created special programs like the Cadet and Apprenticeship Plus that offer exciting and enticing career opportunities for our people. These schemes combine formal academic qualification and project-based experienced.

We provide these funded educational opportunities so that young people have enticing alternatives to a full-time college education. Additionally, we implement more advanced delivery methods, which will be significant in building a highly skilled and diverse workforce for the future.

We understand that strong leadership is important. This, we continuously work to build the skills of our organization’s senior executives, operational leaders, and key project delivery staff.


Research and Development

As a progressive company, Omega Industries is in the best position to redefine the practices in the paint industry. Unlike other organisations, we have a diverse pool of resources that allows us to turn daring and game-changing ideas into reality. We have process engineering research that provides solutions that increases the performance of service delivery, sustainability, and safety.

We put importance on research and development activities because we aim to achieve a competitive edge by presenting the market with new ideas that deliver the utmost value to our clients and the end users.

We are able to strengthen our capability in this aspect by working together with our academic and industry partners. With the support of our strong network of chosen suppliers, we look for ways to implement industry-wide change. We try to accomplish this by sharing what we learn and by encouraging common excellence standards.

We are also committed to change from within, and thus we encourage our people to find ways of improving on everything that we do. Our innovation portal is an effective tool that lets us support this idea. This tool is accessible for employees to be used for submitting their ideas for consideration.

Our Paint Manufacturing business is also in the lead when it comes to the development of more sustainable and smarter products. This has the support of our wide-ranging coatings formulation capabilities, by which we work in enhancing the methods implemented for protecting and painting buildings and infrastructure.

Research Partnerships

Our large-scale network of educational partnerships is effectively devised to foster the industry’s next generation of talent and to support the continuing academic interest in chemical engineering and commercial painting.

Drawing on the newest research techniques, latest delivery models and freshest management approaches, the programmes aim to influence a revolutionary new technique to learning and preparing participants to go back to their professions as effective innovators and successful thought leaders.

At the University of Wollongong, we have the Centre for Nanotechnology Engineering that supports PhD studies in materials, automation and surface coatings engineering.

Product and Process Innovation

Political and social needs are definitely changing and thus, engineering and paint industry needs to break away from traditional operation practices. There are also more demands from developers, the public sector and end-users for more sustainable, cost-efficient and safer solutions, They also want those solutions to be delivered faster and with only the highest quality.

At Omega Industries, we revolutionize the way we evolve cities and towns and we do that within demanding parameters. We do this as we are motivated by our investment in and the development of the “Supply & Apply” approach.

As a leader in the “Supply & Apply” concept, we drive this idea way beyond its initial iteration. We used to be a simple paint manufacturer and today, we deliver a wide array of paint service solutions made possible through our highly advanced manufacturing and contracting capabilities. We offer products that range from glow in the dark line marking paint, thermal membranes and paints to smart building and wall systems – everything is provided to a time, cost and detailing with which conventional construction practices cannot compete.

With the use of automated processes in the manufacturing of paints in highly controlled off-site environments, the S&A concept lets us precisely calculate the required materials, an avenue for wastage recycling and custom products. Thus, the most sustainable coatings and engineering solutions in the industry allows us to eradicate waste from the start; giving us the opportunity to return the would-be wastes into the production operations.

Our clients are already experiencing the benefits provided by S&A approach – on projects that range from hospitals to schools, luxury hotels in urban areas and mining infrastructure in remote locations. The high levels of performance of this approach restricts the requirements for future maintenance as improved thermal efficiency significantly decreases energy consumption and total life-cycle cost. These intrinsic advantages is going to take us even closer to our zero-carbon construction vision.

We believe in the possibility that we can move this approach way beyond the commercial painting sector, implementing modular methods to large-scale infrastructure programs.

Colour Design

We pride our operations in setting colour standards and new trends rather than follow what we’re told. Therefore by default, our clients are at the forefront of new colour concepts and colour science.

Our marketing team is constantly on the move researching colour psychology and applying to them to give value added service to our clients based on functionality.

For example, we have enabled a deeper service to the Education sector we service for both private and public institutions in Sydney and Brisbane.

The effects of colour on learning are well documented and it is important that when choosing a colour for a classroom, you keep in mind the powerful effects these decisions can have on young learners.

Our studies have shown that light blues and purples have a calming effect on learners and are a good choice in classrooms where the tension frequently runs high. If you work with students that have emotional and behavioural challenges, light blue classroom walls will form the foundation for the tranquil space that will help them learn.

Warm tones like taupe and peach provide a relaxing atmosphere that allows learners to focus on their studies rather than be distracted by their environment. These choices also provide a welcome measure of diversity to the frequently monochromatic paint schemes that grace the walls of our places of learning. These colours have also been shown to stimulate creativity and provide students with a welcomed boost as they go about their daily work.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a commercial painting company that provides an unparalleled service delivery.

3R Program

Omega Industries is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and therefore has reuse, recycling and recovery program in place. Not only the paint containers but also for any unused paint.

Omega estimate carefully all paint requirements for a given project. This not only reduces the cost of material, but also the amount of unused product retained at the completion of the painting.

On average, 5%-10% of all paint ends up as waste, which can pose environmental and health risks if disposed of improperly. Paint contains many components that have great potential for reuse, recycling, and recovery. The Omega Industries 3R program enables these products to be handled and recycled in an environmentally safe manner, reducing their impact on the environment.

There are many ways that paint can be recycled. Water based paint is sorted out and turned back into recycled paint that can be reused. Recycled paint is environmentally preferable to new paint, while still maintaining comparable quality. In many cases, reusable paint is added to a batch where the material is mixed and tested. The paint is adjusted with additives and colorants as necessary. Finally, the paint is finely filtered and packaged for reuse. Solvent based paint is sorted into different streams and sent to be recycled into new paint, often used in other products such as shop primers.

All containers, empty or otherwise, are retrieved from the site by Omega Industries and returned to our depot for reuse, recycling, and recovery program by our manufacturing company Omega Paints.