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Culture and Values

At Omega Industries, we are proud to say that we are constantly on the move. It is a vital part of our culture to incessantly seek ways for improvement. This is the philosophy highly visible in our dedication to continuously challenge ourselves and change the whole industry from within.

In our attempt to carry out this remarkable journey, we identified ideal behaviours, formalised them into what we do on day to day basis, and then embedded them through our business culture worldwide.

Above all, our business evolution reflects the values and experience of our founding shareholders. It is our objective to preserve the welfare, safety and health of our people as we acknowledge their efforts and dedication in the construction industry. Thus, we consider them as our paramount value. We express our gratitude to our people by implementing ‘Zero Waste & Harm’ objective so that we can effectively eliminate all waste and accidents from our company by the year 2020.

Omega is first and foremost, a projects business. We are highly involved in major projects and we strive for successful delivery. We try to live by the saying “ projects are the engine room of the business”.

The main foundation of project-focused activity is self-reliance and fostering individual strength – a vital aspect of an organisational mission to generate a lasting enterprise that discovers expression in the one-team approach that put emphasis on self-delivery.

We acknowledge that it is also an important trait to have passion for entrepreneurialism, engineering and excellence, as well as for investing in the latest innovation so that we can successfully contribute to the generation of an extensive business that has engineering superiority at its core.

When it comes to culture, Omega Industries – as an organisation – is eager for success. We are a company that demands loyalty, high performance and effort.

This culture is our organisation’s enduring force for our worldwide activities and it is manifested through our business values.

Personal safety and responsible working – working safely and responsibly is a big part of our business. We are always making sure that in everything we do, we consider the safety of our people, as well as the communities where we operate. It is our commitment to safely deliver projects wherever in the world we work, and thus we can guarantee the protection of the environment for future generations.

Leading by example – to engineer and construct a fit-for-purpose built kind of business can be very complex. It is important to have a vision, the valor to deal with challenges, as well as to have the ability to speak up and to stand up for what we truly in believe in order to achieve the best outcomes. It is our deepest desire to do things right. Exploring new thoughts and seeking help are also parts of our corporate initiatives. We strive to stay honest and we encourage feedback from other people because it is our aim to create and leave a lasting legacy for the future.

Working as one team and listening to everyone – it is our belief that by being united, we have a better chance of achieving more. We also believe that by working together with the entire industry, we will be able to gain greater success. Personal success is only second to our team and we are committed to build it to its full capacity.

Finding and following a better route – it is our understanding the the industry should grab the chance to be more innovative and radical. This is going to put more emphasis on highly skilled human resources, and taking up fresh and better approach initiative to construction and engineering. Omega embraces this challenge by striving constantly to provide solutions to the difficulties by inventing smarter engineering innovations. This is our tool in making sure that we, as an organisation, is capable of being aggressive in the highly competitive engineering industry.

Delivering our promises and aiming to exceed expectations – we know that we can deliver our promises because we do not just work together, but we also trust one another. It is a fact that our work environment is very hazardous and thus we aim to work excellently by being highly systematic and disciplined in all our operations. We have our own set or rules and standards, and we live by them religiously. We never cease to learn and improve as we want to satisfy our clients only with the most positive results – we fix anything that is not right.

Collaborating with our partners and clients – we preserve and maintain our relationships with our clients by developing and providing them with effective engineering solutions that offer value in safety, environmental impact, quality and price. We also value our relationships with our suppliers and contractors because we intend to promote innovation and surface coating methods that can provide continuous improvement for the entire coatings industry.